American Airlines Adds Flights To Miami For The Big Game

Fans of American Football are soon to meet for the game of the year. This year’s big game will take place in Miami on the 2nd of February. American Airlines is pulling out the stops to help fans support the two teams battling it out for the championship title.

American Airlines, Miami, Big Game
American will move some Boeing 777 aircraft to Miami in the run-up to the game. Photo: American Airlines

Each year one city in the United States is picked to host the final game of the national football league season. This year the Floridian city of Miami has been given the honor of hosting the game. However, as neither of the teams competing are from Miami, quite the logistical challenge is created!

American Airlines to the rescue

Thankfully American Airlines is coming to the rescue of those eager to see the 54th big game. This year, the two teams fighting for the coveted title are the San Francisco 49ers in addition to the Kansas City Chiefs. The two teams will need to travel quite a way to reach Miami.

Not to worry, however, American Airlines is pulling out the stops to transport additional passengers to Miami from Kansas City, San Jose, and San Francisco. This consists of additional flights and higher capacity aircraft. Let’s take a look at what is in store!

American Airlines, Miami, Big Game
Some other flights will be operated by the Boeing 737-800. Photo: American Airlines

American Airlines’ game plan

Thankfully, a trophy is not at stake for American Airlines. However, the airline has still devised a game plan to get a huge number of fans across the United States for the game.

To start off proceedings, American Airlines has temporarily relocated several Boeing 777s to Miami from New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Chicago. These will increase the capacity of passengers on regularly scheduled flights. However, American Airlines is also upping the frequency of flights, with additional ones added to its schedule.

Kansas City will get an extra four services to Miami on January 31st operated by a range of aircraft. A similar return service will operate on the 3rd of February. The extra flights are as follows:

  • A Boeing 757 will depart Kansas City at 09:05;
  • Next, A Boeing 737-800 will depart Kansas City at 11:50;
  • A Boeing 757 will depart Kansas City at 17:45;
  • Finally, A Boeing 737-800 will depart from Kansas City at 20:05.
American Airlines, Miami, Big Game
Extra flights are being laid on for passengers. Photo: American Airlines

For the San Francisco 49ers

Meanwhile, San Jose will get two extra services, and San Francisco one more flight. These will also operate on the 31st of January, with the return flights scheduled for February 3rd including an additional San Francisco service. The flights will operate as:

  • An Airbus A321 will depart from San Jose at 08:15;
  • Another A321 will depart San Jose at 22:10, arriving in Miami the next morning.
  • An additional Boeing 737-800 service will depart from San Francisco at 11:00.

Speaking of the extra services, Vasu Raja, American’s Senior Vice President of Network Strategy, said,

“We’re looking forward to providing new and increased service to Miami, so more fans can make their dreams a reality.”

Are you heading to the big game next week? Who are you flying with? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!