Winter Caribbean Dream – American Has 1.2 Million December Seats

American Airlines has almost 1.2 million seats between the US and the Caribbean this coming December – over 38,000 each day. While things may change, it’s up by an impressive one-quarter versus December 2019. With a 27% share of non-stop seats, American is the second-largest player, behind only JetBlue. We look at American’s Caribbean network.

American B737 MAX 8
American will use eight aircraft types/variants to the Caribbean this December. The B737-800 is very much number-one, followed by the A321, A319, B737 MAX 8 (as here), Embraer 175, A320, Embraer 145, and CRJ-700. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

35 destinations across the Caribbean

American’s Caribbean network comprises 35 destinations in December, based on what the airline has submitted to data experts OAG. These 35 include Anguilla and Dominica, both revealed a few days ago.

Of course, Puerto Rico is considered domestic, but it is still in the Caribbean. For simplicity, Bermuda and the Bahamas have been included here. Some may disagree with them being included, so if you’d prefer to omit them, American’s Caribbean network falls to 29 destinations, still a very significant number.

American's Caribbean network
American will have 109 Caribbean routes this December. This is despite five Cuban airports, along with Cap Haitien, no longer featuring in its network versus December 2019. Note that Bermuda and the Bahamas have been included for simplicity. Image: OAG Mapper.

American’s top-10 Caribbean destinations

The top-10 destinations, ordered by total seats, are as follows. Most have grown strongly since 2019, helped by the big focus on leisure demand and, to a lesser degree, visiting friends and relatives. These include Punta Cana, up by 60%, with a new route Austin and Boston last served in April 2019, together with across-the-board capacity rises.

  1. San Juan
  2. Montego Bay
  3. Nassau
  4. Punta Cana
  5. Santo Domingo
  6. Havana
  7. Providenciales
  8. St Thomas
  9. Aruba
  10. Grand Cayman
American to the Caribbean
December capacity has risen by one-quarter versus 2019. Image: Simple Flying using data from OAG.

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Non-stops from 11 US airports

Unlike in December 2019, when nine US airports had nine-stop service, some 11 airports will this December. These include Austin, introduced in 2021, with three routes to Nassau, San Juan, and Punta Cana. And also Fort Lauderdale, with one route to Port-au-Prince, last served in late 2018.

Nonetheless, it is, of course, enormously about American’s Miami hub, with nearly six in ten of the airline’s seats and 34 routes to the Caribbean. With only 3%, New York JFK is a far cry from when the high-density A300 was deployed to the region.

  1. Miami: with approximately 57.3% of Caribbean capacity; 34 routes
  2. Charlotte: 18.5%; 23
  3. Philadelphia: 8.1%; 13
  4. Dallas Fort Worth: 5.4%; 10
  5. Chicago O’Hare: 3.0%; 9
  6. New York JFK: 3.0%; 7
  7. Austin: 3.0%; 3
  8. Fort Lauderdale: 0.9%; 1
  9. Boston: 0.6%; 5
  10. Washington National: 0.4%; 1
  11. New York La Guardia: 0.3%; 3
American A321
The route most served by the A321? Charlotte to San Juan. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

What are American’s main routes?

Based on the latest available data from July 26th, American will have 109 routes to the Caribbean this December. Miami to Havana will have the most seats, with the top-10 identified below. Combined, they’ll have one-third of the total monthly capacity, showing their importance.

  1. Miami-Havana
  2. Miami-Santo Domingo
  3. Miami-San Juan
  4. Charlotte-Montego Bay
  5. Miami-Nassau
  6. Miami-Kingston
  7. Miami-Port-au-Prince
  8. Miami-Providenciales
  9. Miami-St Thomas
  10. Charlotte-San Juan
American CRJ-700
The CRJ-700 will be used on just one service: Charlotte to North Eleuthera. Photo: Alan Wilson via Flickr.

Miami to Havana… and Dominica and Anguilla

Miami to Havana, some 235 miles apart, has overtaken Santo Domingo and San Juan to achieve the top spot, with the Cuban capital having a six-daily service. Meanwhile, Port-au-Prince has jumped significantly from 25th in December 2019 to seventh. This market has more than doubled (+117%), meaning that Miami-Barbados, previously ninth, has been pushed out.

American 767-300ER
No widebody will be used to the Caribbean this December. This is quite a contrast to 2019, when the B767-300ER, A330-200, and A330-300 were all used. All three have since been retired. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

A special mention must go to Miami to Dominica and Anguilla, both beginning in December and both twice-weekly. Booking data shows tiny local markets, at about 4,000 and 1,000 passengers in 2019, respectively. If traffic from all of North America is included, Anguilla rises to 9,000 while it’s about 28,000 for Dominica.

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