American Airlines Extends China Flight Suspension To Late April

Just a day after British Airways extended its suspension of flights to mainland China until the end of March, American Airlines has also extended its flight suspension to the region.

American Airlines, Shanghai, Beijing
American Airlines has extended its flight suspension until late April. Photo: Getty Images

The ongoing coronavirus epidemic in China has all but killed passenger demand to and from the country. While considering this, alongside the possibility that flights could help the spread of the disease, many airlines have cut services to the area. While some have cut the frequency, others have cut services altogether. American Airlines is one of these carriers.

What’s the latest?

The latest news from American Airlines seems to suggest that the carrier is in no rush to resume flights to China. In a travel alert issued earlier this afternoon, the American carrier stated that it would not fly to Hong Kong until April 23 and mainland China until April 24. It is entirely possible that the suspension could be extended once more depending on how the situation in China pans out.

American Airlines operates around six flights to China per day. This usually includes one flight to Shanghai from Dallas and Los Angeles, another one to Beijing from Dallas and Los Angeles, and finally one to Hong Kong from both Dallas and Los Angeles.

American Airlines, Shanghai, Beijing
American Airlines flies to three destinations in China from two points of origin in the United States. Photo: GCMap

The suspension period

American Airlines has suspended the routes in question until the following dates:

  • The first route to be resumed will see flights operate from Dallas Fort Worth to Hong Kong. Flights on this route will resume on the 23rd of April;
  • American Airlines flights to Beijing From Dallas and Los Angeles are suspended until April 24th;
  • Flights to Shanghai from Dallas and Los Angeles are suspended until April 24th;
  • Flights to Hong Kong from Los Angeles are suspended until the 24th of April.

American Airlines will implement the schedule change regarding this extended suspension on the 16th of February. This means that customers due to fly on the effective date may not be contacted for another five days. However, American Airlines will be contacting its customers while travel agents will also be contacting relevant passengers. Anybody affected will be able to rebook the flight, or request a full refund.

Coronavirus, United States, Arrival Airports
Airlines from across the world have seen a sharp drop in demand for flights to China due to the epidemic in the country. Photo: Getty Images

American Airlines is not the only airline to have suspended flights to China. In fact, United Airlines has also copied suit. Meanwhile, across the pond British Airways yesterday extended its suspension on flights to Beijing and Shanghai until the end of March. This is on the advice of the UK Government which cautions against all but essential travel to mainland China. The British flag carrier is, however, still flying to Hong Kong.

Were you due to fly to China or Hong Kong with American Airlines during this period? Will you rebook your flight, or request a refund? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!