American Airlines Joins With Google Trialing Digital Interpreters

American Airlines has introduced an initiative that could revolutionize its customer service. The airline announced that it is launching Google Assistant’s interpreter mode in its airport lounges.

American Airlines Airbus Aircraft
American Airlines has partnered with Google on an exciting project that will benefit several of its employees and customers. Photo: American Airlines

What does it do?

According to a press release, AA has already started testing the language translating project last week. It chose its Admirals Club lounges at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) as the place to pilot the initiative.

The technology can translate 29 languages, including Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

This is massively helpful in a place such as an airport with hundreds of different nationalities passIng through them every single day. It runs on a Google Nest Hub within the lounge and can be used to translate discussions when a multilingual employee is not present.

Moreover, important information that is often misinterpreted can now be translated more effectively. By introducing a process to help eliminate confusion, American will be helping provide a smoother journey.

American Airlines Google
The interpreter can be launched via a tablet and will help staff members and passengers understand each other. Photo: American Airlines

No longer lost in translation

According to the LA Business Journal, International passenger traffic at LAX increased by 4.45 percent to 26 million in 2018. Now, with the use of Google Assistant’s interpreter mode, many of these passengers will be able to have clearer guidance.

Google has shared that the technology can also be useful at information desks. Here, fliers could get assistance with aspects such as locating luggage, terminal directions, and locating ground transportation. At the moment, the tech is only being trialed by American at airport lounges but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it expanded across other sections.

American recently introduced online virtual 3D aircraft tours and a redesigned self-service kiosk menu to simplify the check-in process. Additionally, it has been expanding on biometric boarding over the last year. Therefore, it is covering its other angles while it concentrates on using the interpreter project within the lounge.

American Airlines Airbus
American Airlines has been making considerable investments in new technologies over the last few years. Photo: American Airlines

High tech solutions

American Airlines chief information officer Maya Leibman spoke about how this alliance with Google will help reduce stress for its passengers.

“The science-fiction universal translator is now science fact,” said Leibman, as per American’s press release.

“Incorporating technology like the Google Assistant’s interpreter mode will help us break down barriers, provide a worry-free travel experience and make travel more accessible to all.”

This partnership between Google and American was announced at CES 2020, which kicked off today. During this show, tech giants across the world will be sharing information about their ambitious projects, which could set the tone within various industries for the rest of the decade.

Altogether, American is putting available technology to great use. It will improve the passenger experience for millions once it is expanded across further airports.

Simple Flying reached out to American for further comment on the introduction of Google Assistant’s interpreter mode on its operations. However, we did not hear back before publication. We will update the article with any further announcements.

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