American Airlines Eyes Direct Doha Flights – What To Expect

On top of today’s announcement that American Airlines and Qatar Airways would launch a codeshare agreement, American also announced that it was exploring options for adding flights to Qatar Airways’ hub in Doha. What should passengers expect from this announcement?

Getty American Airlines oneworld
American Airlines announced it was exploring launching flights to Doha. Photo: Getty Images

American is exploring Doha flights

Launching a long-haul flight is something that requires careful planning. Currently, American is exploring launching flights to Doha’s Hamad Airport. This means that the airline is at the beginning stages of putting together a flight to Doha.

American Airlines Boeing 767
Launching a new long-haul flight requires some careful planning. Photo: Getty Images

American can make the business case for this flight. On both ends, there are connections available across the United States on American and through Africa and Asia on Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways flying over Doha
American and Qatar Airways can leverage connections on both ends. Photo: Getty Images

However, do not expect American to launch any flights soon. The airline has not given a firm launch date for flights to Doha. However, American confirmed to Simple Flying that flights would likely commence in 2021 at the soonest. But, as of now, nothing has been confirmed.

Where could American fly to Doha from?

Hubs are likely the strongest candidate for American flights to Doha. These include cities like Charlotte, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Although, minus Charlotte, all of these cities see service to Doha on Qatar Airways.

American Airlines Dallas
Launching flights from a hub will help American keep planes to Doha full. Photo: Getty Images

However, another option could be Seattle from where American will be flying to Bangalore, India, from this October. As Alaska Airlines intends to join oneworld, this would help foster greater connectivity to another destination that does not have nonstop service to Doha. Not to mention, it would give the Pacific Northwestern United States greater access to one-stop flights to other destinations in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia.

American’s other Middle Eastern destinations

The Middle East is a bit of a white space for the airline. Aside from flights to Tel Aviv that will launch this fall, American does not operate any other flights to the Middle East. Currently, to get to the Middle East, passengers will have to connect through Europe on other airlines like British Airways.

American Airlines Eyes Direct Doha Flights – What To Expect
American Airlines does not operate to many destinations in the Middle East. Photo: Getty Images

Will the Qatar blockade affect American?

American confirmed to Simple Flying that it does not expect the ongoing Qatari blockade to impact the airline’s operations should it launch flights to Qatar. Although, Iranian airspace is off-limits for American Airlines.

Qatar Airways and American Airlines Sign Strategic Partnership Deal and Codeshare Agreement
The Qatari blockade should not impact American’s flight to Qatar. Photo: Qatar Airways

What aircraft could American use?

The 787 is one of the likely contenders for the route. This aircraft is fuel-efficient and works well for long-range routes.

American Airlines Eyes Direct Doha Flights – What To Expect
The 787 would be a prime aircraft for flights to Doha. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

American could also use Boeing 777 aircraft. Although, that would not offer the same operating economics as the 787 which is more fuel-efficient.

American Boston
American Airlines could use the Boeing 777 on flights to Doha. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying


Greater connectivity is great news for passengers. And, it is good to see American and Qatar bury the hatchet in a way that still benefits passengers.

American is exploring launching flights to Doha, Qatar. However, nothing has been confirmed yet. For now, passengers should wait and see how American and Qatar leverage this partnership.

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