American Airlines Flew A Service Horse In The Aircraft Cabin

Flying can be an excellent way to see new things. New sights from up high, an excellent opportunity for people watching, and a journey to see great monuments or galleries. However, for passengers flying from Chicago to Omaha, a more rare sight was seen. A passenger flew with a miniature horse!

American 777
It was a normal day on an American Airlines flight until a horse showed up. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

The flying horse

Before your imagination runs wild, it is important to realize that the horse is not a full-size horse. Instead, a woman brought along a miniature horse for her American Airlines flight. Live and Let’s Fly reports that the horse serves as a means to guide the woman in lieu of a more traditional dog due to allergies.

The horse, Flirty, has her own Instagram account. It seems that the flight was uneventful for her. She took a nap and overall did not seem to cause much ruckus.

View From The Wing reports that the passenger and the horse had the whole row to themselves. And, despite what can be a cramped ride in coach, the horse seemed to fit just fine. Aside from a little pushing against seatbacks, it does not appear that the horse caused discomfort. After all, this was one of the more well-behaved of support or service animals on a plane.

AA Boeing 737
The American Airlines flight seemed to be uneventful, aside from the horse on board, who did not cause a nuisance. Photo: American Airlines

Should horses be allowed onboard?

This can be a bit controversial; there are people on both sides of the debate when it comes to having animals in the cabin. The case of a miniature horse, however, is a bit different. The Department of Transporation allows miniature horses on board as a service animal alongside dogs and cats, after a ruling earlier this month as reported in the New York Times.

American Airlines interior
Miniature horses are allowed as support animals per guidance from the Department of Transportation. Photo: American Airlines

In case of emergency, however, there could be a few issues. For example, although they are rare events, cabin depressurization or emergency water landings can create difficult environments for animals.

On the other hand, flying can be a bit stressful or nervewracking for some. And, those who require some mobility assistance may also welcome the comfort of a known and trusted animal onboard with them. In defense of this passenger, it does not seem that having a miniature horse onboard caused much of an issue.

Although, horses are not the only kind of larger animals to find their way around airports and aircraft!

So, at the end of the day, is it really an issue to have a miniature horse onboard an A320? We look forward to the debate in the comments section!