American Airlines Is Thinking About Increasing Economy Class Legroom

American Airlines is considering increasing the leg room in their coach product.

The airline has been criticized before in the past for having very poor seats with only around 29-30 inches of pitch.

What are the details?

Currently, American Airlines offers a very dense economy on its fleet of domestic aircraft. The seats have little padding, less recline, and no inflight entertainment, as well as a reduced pitch between rows.

This new version of economy was first released on their newer 737 MAX domestic aircraft, before being phased into the older (and subjectively more comfortable) fleet. The new economy class will also be rolled into the A321neo fleet, and as before the 737s, retroactively installed in the older planes during refurbishment.

American Airlines
American Airlines 737 MAX in flight. Source: American Airlines

This process of ‘densification’ was achieved by reducing the size of bathrooms onboard, removing a row of Main Cabin Extra seats (essentially larger legroom) and of course, reducing the seat pitch by an inch. These new changes have not been met favorably and made many question why they should choose to keep flying with American. Some of these questions are coming from American cabin crew themselves…

But it seems that someone in the airline is listening.

Lights are on and it looks like someone is at home at American Airlines. Source: American Airlines

What are the rumors?

Twitter is abuzz with speculation that higher ups at American Airlines are considering revamping domestic economy… with a focus on more passenger comfort.

Whilst some of the rumors have suggested that the airline might bring back inflight entertainment, or the scary thought of increased densification (reducing the seats to 28 or 29 inches of pitch), currently it is most likely a extra inch of room.

American Airlines Is Thinking About Increasing Economy Class Legroom
Perhaps passengers could enjoy something alike the American Boeing 787 interior. Source: American Airlines

This does mean that the plane might undergo some more adjustments, such as reducing the amount of capacity on board.

Overall, an increase in passenger comfort is a win and we hope that American contuines to try and improve the domestic flying experience.

What do you think? Do you want more room on economy? Let us know in the comments.