American Airlines Has Operated Over 200 MAX Flights Since December

As American Airlines continues to reactivate its 737 MAX fleet post-grounding, the airline is today set to exceed 200 flights with the type. As we move into the fourth week since the aircraft was ungrounded, the American airline is now operating up to 23 flights with the type each day.

American Airlines, boeing 737 max, return to service
American Airlines is set to surpass 200 flights since resuming 737 MAX operations. Photo: Vincenzo Pace –

It’s been almost two months since the Boeing 737 MAX was ungrounded by the United States Federal Aviation Administration. Today, Transport Canada followed the FAA, with EASA expected to follow suit next week. In the time since, operators across the Americas have resumed services, including American Airlines on December 29th.

Over 200 MAX flights since December 29th

As of the end of today, American Airlines will have operated over 200 Boeing 737 MAX flights since the type returned to service. Initially, the airline only operated two flights per day. However, this week alone, American has operated 102 737 MAX flights according to data from With the airline’s current schedule, this could easily reach over 150 in the coming week.

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Since ungrounding the plane, American has now reactivated 11 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. According to, American Airlines currently has 35 737 MAX 8 aircraft, meaning around a third are now flying.

American Airlines, boeing 737 max, return to service
At the end of today, American Airlines should’ve operated 207 Boeing 737 MAX flights. Data: | Graph: Simple Flying

While the entire fleet is operating out of Miami, it is currently serving nine destinations, Boston, New York (JFK), New York (LGA), Orlando, San Juan, St. Croix, St. Thomas, Tampa and Washington. American Airlines is hoping to reach 36 departures from Miami with the MAX by the end of January.

While airlines were worried that they might initially struggle to fill seats on the MAX, this hasn’t been the case at American Airlines. Indeed, the airline previously told Simple Flying,

“Bookings on the MAX are comparable to other aircraft, and we aren’t seeing data to suggest customers don’t want to fly the aircraft.”

What’s happening with the MAX elsewhere?

American Airlines remains the only operator to have so far resumed flights with the 737 MAX in the United States. However, it is far from the only 737 MAX operator currently flying the plane. GOL was the first to resume flights with the type, followed by Aeromexico and Copa.

American Airlines, boeing 737 max, return to service
In the past week alone, American Airlines has operated over 100 737 MAX flights. Photo: Vincenzo Pace –

As mentioned, today Transport Canada rescinded its NOTAM banning commercial 737 MAX flights in its skies. Tomorrow, Canadian carrier WestJet will resume flights with the aircraft, starting with Calgary to Vancouver, followed by Calgary to Toronto on Friday.

Next week EASA is expected to recertify the Boeing 737 MAX for its member states. Ryanair will be keenly awaiting this as the airline is eager to start taking delivery of the type. Simple Flying previously reported that the airline would initially focus the aircraft on UK flights. Since the CAA is now in charge of such issues in the UK, it will likely recertify the aircraft separately from EASA.

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