By This Time Next Week American Airlines Will Have Retired Its Final MD-80

American Airlines has set a date for the final ‘Mad Dog’ MD-80 flights… next week. For those interested in flying one last time on the workhorse of the American fleet read on.

American Airlines
American Airlines MD-80 comes into land. Photo: Cubbie_n_Vegas via Wikimedia

Why is AA retiring the MD-80?

American Airlines has been planning to retire the MD-80 for some time. We previously wrote about the airlines history with the aircraft type and why this will be such a heartfelt goodbye.

“The MD-80, also known as the Super 80, was the workhorse of the airline’s fleet throughout the 1980s and beyond, providing customers and team members with heartfelt memories on adventures ranging from family vacations to key business trips.”American Airlines press release

Simply put, it’s time for the airline to modernize their fleet and get all the improvements that new aircraft bring to the table. These range from fuel savings (modern aircraft are much more efficient than older types like the MD-80) to passenger comforts (bigger cabins, quiet engines, better humidity etc).

“It’s a bittersweet but well-earned retirement as American celebrates the aircraft’s history while modernizing its fleet.”

It is not 100% confirmed yet what aircraft American Airlines will use to replace the MD-80 with, however it is understood that the A321neo will be slowly phased in on similar operations.

American Airlines A321neo. Photo: American Airlines.

What are the final flights?

For those looking to fly one last time, here are the last flights of the type.

Flight Number Date Departure Time Arrival Time
1449 Sept. 3 Grand Rapids (GRR) 1425 Dallas (DFW) 1606
2372 Sept. 3 San Antonio (SAT) 1955 Dallas (DFW) 2110
2257 Sept. 3 New Orleans (MSY) 1943 Dallas (DFW) 2122
1010 Sept. 3 Dallas (DFW) 2034 St. Louis (STL) 2218
267 Sept. 3 Dallas (DFW) 2226 Tulsa (TUL) 2329
2454 Sept. 4 Wichita (ICT) 500 Dallas (DFW) 615
2180 Sept. 4 Amarillo (AMA) 500 Dallas (DFW) 618
2232 Sept. 4 Lubbock (LBB) 500 Dallas (DFW) 627
2586 Sept. 4 Pensacola (PNS) 500 Dallas (DFW) 656
2200 Sept. 4 Cleveland (CLE) 540 Dallas (DFW) 732
2891 Sept. 4 Destin–Fort Walton Beach (VPS) 545 Dallas (DFW) 754
2338 Sept. 4 McAllen (MFE) 615 Dallas (DFW) 755
2540 Sept. 4 Omaha (OMA) 600 Dallas (DFW) 758
2605 Sept. 4 Raleigh–Durham (RDU) 600 Dallas (DFW) 758
2326 Sept. 4 Des Moines (DSM) 600 Dallas (DFW) 800
2185 Sept. 4 San Antonio (SAT) 700 Dallas (DFW) 814
2500 Sept. 4 Cincinnati (CVG) 629 Dallas (DFW) 802
1999 Sept. 4 St. Louis (STL) 730 Dallas (DFW) 924
1538 Sept. 4 Destin–Fort Walton Beach (VPS) 719 Dallas (DFW) 934
1038 Sept. 4 Wichita (ICT) 810 Dallas (DFW) 937
2335 Sept. 4 Albuquerque (ABQ) 650 Dallas (DFW) 938
Last Flight – 80 Sept. 4 Dallas (DFW) 900 Chicago (ORD) 1135

Naturally, they might be a little crowded, so our suggestion is to try and book a flight before September 4th and 5th to grab your seat preference.

The business and economy cabin of an American Airlines MD-80. Photo: Cory W. via Flickr

You will also notice that each of these aircraft (apart from three) fly to Dallas for retirement, with the last flight landing back in Chicago where it all began a lifetime ago.  They will likely be taken to a scrapyard, sold to other airlines (outside of the US most likely) or retired to the desert.

What do you think about the MD-80 retirement? Will you be flying on the last American Airlines MD-80 flights? Let us know in the comments below!