Passenger’s Huge Blister Pops On American Airlines Flight Causing Outrage

Passengers onboard American Airlines flight 1128 were in for an unexpected surprise yesterday. A passenger on the flight had a blister which unfortunately popped. As a result, several passengers were sprayed with the contents, including blood, according to social media.

American Airlines, Burst Blister, Paramedics
An American Airlines Boeing 737 was met by paramedics yesterday. Photo: American Airlines

American Airlines flight 1128 flies from Medellin to Miami on a daily basis. Yesterday, the flight was met by paramedics after a medical issue was reported onboard. It has been reported by passengers onboard that a lady wearing flip flops required medical attention upon arrival at Miami. Unfortunately, two other passengers also required medical attention.

About the flight

American Airlines flight AA1128 is the carrier’s scheduled flight between Medellin in Colombia, and Miami in the US state of Florida. The flight usually takes around three hours. American Airlines operates the flight every day utilizing a Boeing 737-800.

AA1128 is scheduled to depart from Medellin at 14:45, however, the flight did not depart until 15:07 yesterday according to This represents a delay of 23 minutes. After flying for three hours and five minutes, the flight arrived in Miami, Florida. Despite departing Colombia 23 minutes late, the flight arrived in Miami just seven minutes late at 19:12 as opposed to 19:05.

American Airlines, Burst Blister, Paramedics
One passenger’s blister reportedly burst over other passengers. Photo: American Airlines

What happened on board?

AA1128 was yesterday met by paramedics upon arrival at Miami Airport. One passenger reportedly boarded the flight with a large blister. Unfortunately, the unidentified passenger’s blister popped during the flight from Colombia to the United States.

A talk show host by the name of Andy Slater was behind the row where the incident occurred. He revealed details of what transpired via his Twitter account “@andyslater”. In the words of the passenger,

“Woman in aisle seat has blister on her foot pop. Blood splatters across aisle, including on the two guys in front of me, one of their books, and the window.” He describes the incident as a “Bloody mess on my flight to Miami.”

Met by paramedics

The flight in question was met by paramedics upon arrival in Miami. Mr Slater reports “The blood flew onto the passengers, the armrests, and the wall on the right side of plane.” As such, the two passengers who were affected by the incident were also required to meet with the paramedics after the flight landed.

Simple Flying contacted American Airlines regarding the incident. In an emailed statement, they told us,

“Due to a medical-related issue that occurred inflight, American requested medical personnel meet American flight 1128 upon its arrival in Miami on Sept. 18. We thank the American crew who took great care of our customers on flight 1128.”

Were you on board the flight yesterday? Let us know your take of events in the comments.