Police Meet American Airlines Passenger Complaining Crew Didn’t Wear Masks

An American Airlines passenger was met by police upon landing after raising a complaint with cabin crew during the flight. The passenger, Andy Eisenmann, claimed to have spotted two American Airlines crew not wearing masks at the gate before the flight. After raising the issue onboard with a crew member, Mr. Eisenmann says he was taken to an unventilated holding room and questioned by police.

American Airlines Boeing 737
An American Airlines passenger claims cabin crew reported him to police as a form of retaliation. Photo: Getty Images

Cabin crew spotted without masks at the gate

Mr. Esienmann was at Dallas Fort Worth Airport waiting to board an American Airlines flight to Palm Springs when he spotted two AA crew who were not wearing masks. Under current measures, masks can only be removed for eating and drinking. The passenger claims the cabin crew were maskless for 40 minutes and did not eat or drink. He snapped a picture and shared it on his social media account.

Towards the end of the flight, a cabin announcement was made about safety and mask protocols. Mr. Eisenmann then raised his concerns with one of the cabin crew he had seen at the gate without a mask, claiming to have done so “quietly.” Mr. Eisenmann is quoted by View from the Wing as stating,

“He immediately got defensive, telling his (female) colleague that he was drinking coffee…he went to the back of the plane for about 5 minutes (where the second no masker attendant was stationed).”

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Reports of an ‘unruly passenger’

After the flight touched down, Mr. Eisenmann was met by police. He claims he was taken to a “tiny, non-vented room” and questioned after police had received reports of an “unruly passenger” onboard the flight. During the questioning, Mr. Eisenmann alleges safety protocols were not adhered to as he was spoken to “in close quarters” in an unventilated space.

American Airlines 787-8
The passenger claims he was questioned in a small, unventilated holding room. Photo: American Airlines

American Airlines have offered their side of the story, claiming police were called merely as a precaution after a disturbance was reported. The airline also states Mr. Eisenmann was not officially detained by police. A spokesperson reached out to The Independent to clarify events:

“American requires all team members and customers to adhere to the face-covering policy throughout the entirety of their journey – including all areas of the airport and onboard aircraft. Our team is reviewing this incident internally and will conduct any appropriate follow-up.”

Other incidents onboard American Airlines flights

Just a few weeks ago, American Airlines was involved in another high-profile incident with a passenger. A flight from Dallas to Miami was delayed by three hours after a passenger hid beneath a TV console in first-class. When police were called onboard to remove her, a different passenger became belligerent and was subsequently removed.

American Airlines
American Airlines has had its fair share of incidents involving disruptive passengers. Photo: American Airlines

In March, a passenger attempted to open an emergency cabin door mid-flight. The individual, also described as “unruly,” attempted to open the doors about 45 minutes into the flight and was swiftly subdued by multiple passengers in the vicinity. The plane was diverted to St. Louis and met by law enforcement. After being detained by police, the man was released without charge.

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