American Airlines Aircraft Skids Off Snow Covered Runway In Chicago

***Update: 11/11/19 @ 16:25UTC – Added comment from American Airlines***

An American Airlines flight, operated by American Eagle, has been seen to experience a hair raising incident on landing at Chicago. Flight AA4125 was traveling from Greensboro to Chicago O’Hare when it slid off the runway amid icy conditions.

AA E145
An American Eagle operated E145 has slid off a runway. Photo: Gwen K via Wikimedia

What happened?

Flight AA4125 was being operated this morning using an Embraer ERJ-145LR, registration N619AE. The aircraft took off from Greensboro just about on time, at 06:27 for an 06:22 scheduled departure. Arriving into Chicago O’Hare, the aircraft appears to have attempted landing once but had to abort. This suggests the pilots were wary of landing conditions.

AA flight
The flight made two attempts to land. Image: FlightRadar 24

After a go-around, the Embraer came in for a second attempt, and the landing was filmed by a passenger on board. In what look to be very snowy and icy conditions, the aircraft touches down but, upon applying brakes, begins to skid across the runway and off to the side.

While a lesser group of passengers might have been forgiven for screaming in terror, this tough Greensboro crowd limited themselves to some ‘woooah’ and ‘ooooh’ as the aircraft slid sideways onto the grass. Kudos for the lady who, with the wing embedded in the ground and the plane clearly listing worryingly to the side, sums it up with a cheerful, “I think we landed”.

Passengers safe

It appears all passengers are safe following the scary incident. 38 passengers were said to be on the aircraft, along with three members of crew.

American Airlines told Simple Flying,

“After landing, American Eagle flight 4125, operated by Envoy Air, slid off the runway due to icy conditions at Chicago O’Hare. No injuries were reported. All 38 passengers and three crew members were deplaned from the aircraft and are now safely back in the terminal.”

Challenging conditions at ORD

Today’s incident comes as a wintry blast of adverse weather has hit this part of the US. A weather advisory has been issued for Chicago and the surrounding areas today, and is in effect until 2pm. Snow to a depth of up to six inches is expected in many places. Advisors have also been issued over the Midwest, Plains and the Northeast.

The Arctic conditions are predicted to shatter hundreds of extreme weather records across the US, with record lows expected and unseasonal levels of snow being anticipated. In western New York, a storm warning is in place from 11am today until Tuesday morning, with Buffalo expected to get as much as 10 inches of snow.

According to Flight Aware, some 579 flights are already delayed at ORD due to the weather. 532 flights have been canceled altogether, with some of the worst-hit airlines including Envoy with 171 cancellations, SkyWest with 98 and American Airlines with 93. Chicago Midway is also experiencing disruption.

ORD cancellations and delays
Flight Aware’s ‘Misery Map’. Credit: Flight Aware

If you have a trip to or from the Chicago area scheduled for today, contact your airline directly to find out if the flight is still operating. We wish all in the area a warm and safe start to the week.