Webinar: In Conversation With Vasu Raja, CRO Of American Airlines

Mark your calendars for September 23rd! At 12:00 Eastern Time, Simple Flying will host the next webinar in our series looking at the airline industry. The next guest will be Vasu Raja, Chief Revenue Officer at American Airlines, and facilitating the conversation will be Jay Singh, Lead US Journalist and Deputy Content Manager at Simple Flying. The event will be held online.

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Whether you are a student in aviation, an industry specialist, or a casual observer, this webinar will be a chance to get to learn more about American Airlines coming out strong with innovative new partnerships and heavily leveraging its network.

A new American Airlines

The crisis has given American Airlines the opportunity to hit reset on its international network, rethink its hub strategy, and has led to the crafting of partnerships to fill in crucial gaps. In short, a new strategy is coming forward as American Airlines prepares to come out of the crisis.

With a long history, American has seen its fair share of crises. However, it has never faced a crisis like this before. Forced to all but shut down in the early days, the carrier is now focused on coming back strong and has not hesitated to take advantage of opportunities as they appeared.

Just before the crisis hit, the airline announced a West Coast alliance with Alaska Airlines, and had plans for new long-haul flights out of Alaska’s largest hub in Seattle, including the addition of a new pin: Bangalore.

Webinar: In Conversation With Vasu Raja, CRO Of American Airlines
American Airlines has leveraged new partnerships to fill in critical gaps. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

Then, in summer 2020, the airline announced a Northeast Alliance with JetBlue on the opposite coast, giving it a bigger footprint in New York and Boston, and leading to a host of new routes coming to American’s network, including from New York to Athens, Tel Aviv, and later Delhi, among others.

The airline was aggressive in bringing back its two largest hubs in the US: Dallas and Charlotte. Both airports continue to reign supreme in American’s overall network strategy, though the airline has not hesitated to try out some new things with its hubs. This includes breaking the unwritten rules of structuring a network around hubs and turning to maximize their respective potentials to facilitate the most connections possible.

Austin was also a beneficiary in American’s big network shakeups. The airport has cemented itself as a firm spoke in American’s network, and the airline has added a host of point-to-point flying in preparation for summer 2021, with more routes planned to enter this winter.

Webinar: In Conversation With Vasu Raja, CRO Of American Airlines
American Airlines is exiting the crisis as a transformed airline with incredible opportunities ahead. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

All of this came as American Airlines made significant strides in streamlining its fleet, focusing on next-generation aircraft with lower fuel burn, and gearing up to push the airline’s aircraft to new horizons with long-haul flying.

As the air travel recovery in the United States continues, American Airlines is just getting started on its post-crisis plans to be relevant to even more customers and become an even bigger player in the market. Join me in a conversation with Chief Revenue Officer, Vasu Raja, to learn more about the airline’s thinking behind some of its biggest moves and where it sees the most potential.

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