What A Win Looks Like For American Airlines In New York

In an exclusive webinar interview with Simple Flying, American Airlines confirmed plans to be the most loved airline in New York. From never managing to get a hold in New York, the airline’s new partnership with JetBlue allows American to dream big. But will it achieve its goals and become the biggest carrier in New York?

What A Win Looks Like For American Airlines In New York
American Airlines is looking to win in New York. But what does a win mean? Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

It’s been said before: American Airlines was too big to quit but too small to win New York. The airline’s focus on bringing people through New York meant it missed one of the largest markets – New Yorkers who really only chose between United and Delta.

Over the last few months, the airline has partnered with New York giant JetBlue to establish new routes and provide a better experience in New York and Boston.

Simply the best

Speaking in an exclusive webinar interview with Simple Flying, Vasu Raja, Chief Revenue Officer for American, confirmed that in the true American style, just improving is not enough. Mr Raja stated,

We’re not the best yet. But our goal is to be the best.”

What A Win Looks Like For American Airlines In New York
The plan for New York includes winning over local New Yorkers by combing its long-haul network with JetBlue’s medium-haul network. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

The airline is recovering well from the pandemic and passenger numbers are growing. But the American is looking well beyond recovery and into growth. With its existing long-haul international routes, combined with JetBlue’s short and medium-haul domestic connections, customers living in New York could have access to a vast network.

But for American Airlines, one key focus would make New York a success – appealing to New Yorkers. For a long time, the airline has focused on bringing people to New York or through New York. Now, the airline stands a real chance at appealing to New Yorkers themselves who are looking to leave the city. For American, that would be a big win.

Balance of network and customer experience

But what does being the best look like for American Airlines? Well, it’s a balance between offering the best services and products for a good customer experience and simply getting people where they need to go. Clearly, it doesn’t matter how good the customer experience is. If the airline doesn’t fly to popular destinations, it won’t be the airline of choice.

Vasu Raja noted that,

“The win is, we want to be the most loved and flown airline for our customers in New York and Boston. That’s customers who are in New York and Boston but also customers going to New York and Boston and people flying through New York and Boston. We want it to be the very best experience that’s there.”

What A Win Looks Like For American Airlines In New York
American wants to offer the best customer experience from booking to boarding. Photo: American Airlines

The airline’s partnership with JetBlue is crucial for connecting people through New York, where previously, it didn’t have the slots to offer destinations. JetBlue’s network will allow people living in New York to reach more destinations with American than ever before.

Alongside this push for a more extensive domestic network, American Airlines wants to make the customer experience as easy as possible. According to Mr Raja, the airline wants to have an “everyday approach,” which makes earning and redeeming miles with both JetBlue and American very straightforward. There is plenty of focus on how to simplify the process. This includes making fares and discounts easy to understand and providing a “seamless” experience.

What do you think of American’s plans? Do you think they can become the go-to airline in New York? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.