American Airlines To Add 7 Winter Routes & 6 Summer Routes

American Airlines is expanding its domestic network. The largest airline in the United States by fleet size, is putting all those planes to good use on multiple routes. From this winter, American is inaugurating additional domestic routes to cater to seasonal travelers. Let’s take a look at American’s new route additions.

American Airlines is launching new routes this winter and next summer. Photo: American Airlines

New routes in winter 2019

This winter, American is launching seven new routes, per Routes Online. Below is the full list of routes and equipment including regional jets like the CRJ200 and Airbus A319s, and A321s:

  1. Los Angeles – Memphis from December 18th (A319, 1x daily)
  2. New York LaGuardia – Key West from December 21st (E175, 1x weekly)
  3. Cedar Rapids – Phoenix from December 18th (CRJ900, 1x daily)
  4. Fort Lauderdale – Phoenix from December 18th (A321, 1x daily)
  5. New Orleans- Phoenix from December 18th (A319, 1x daily)
  6. Phoenix – Wichita from December 18th (CRJ900, 1x daily)
  7. Reagan National (Washington D.C.) – Panama City (Northwest Florida Beaches) from January 7, 2020 (CRJ, 1x daily)

These routes are definitely oriented towards leisure travelers seeking respite from the winter chill. Although, Memphis is an interesting market. After losing status as a hub following Delta’s merger with Northwest, the airport saw a reduction of service on an almost annual basis, so this is a nice addition that adds competition. Furthermore, American is also extending services to the central United States to Kansas and Iowa on regional jets. These routes are certainly long for a CRJ, but they account for additional connectivity.

American Airlines
American Airlines is focusing on additional connectivity and leisure destinations this winter. Photo: Airbus

New routes in summer 2020

Next summer, American is adding six new routes across the United States as per Routes Online.

  1. Chicago O’Hare – Anchorage from May 7th (737-800, 1x daily)
  2. Chicago O’Hare – Fairbanks from May 7th (737-800, 1x daily)
  3. Dallas/Ft. Worth – Fairbanks from May 7th (A321, 1x daily)
  4. New York LaGuardia – Bozeman from June 6th (737-800, 1x weekly)
  5. New York LaGuardia – Kalispell from June 6th (737-800, 1x weekly)
  6. Philadelphia – Bozeman from June 6th (737-800, 1x weekly)

Once-weekly services are geared toward leisure travelers and, next summer, American Airlines is focusing on Montana and Alaska. Now, in winter, there is not a lot of demand to visit these areas known for their natural beauty. However, in the summer, hiking, kayaking, and other recreational activities can offer some much-needed fresh air away from major metropolitan areas.

American Airlines
American Airlines will cater to leisure destinations in the summer of 2020. Photo: American Airlines


American has been on a recent bout of route expansion. This is a fantastic development for passengers looking for off-the-beaten-path destinations that are still worth the time to visit. Although, here is hoping American can get their act together in terms of operational reliability on these flights.

AA narrowbody
A narrowbody aircraft could get uncomfortable for a relatively long flight, however. Photo: American Airlines

Hopefully, American’s Oasis project stays far away from these aircraft. These are some longer routes for narrowbodies that may be uncomfortable for long periods of time. American has not put the 737 MAX on any of these routes. However, if the 737 MAX is still grounded come summer 2020 – although Boeing and American are confident the aircraft will fly before then – then some of these routes may be the first for the chopping block if American cannot muster up spare fleet.

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Routes Online was the source for the route reports as indicated above.