American Airlines’ Embraer E190s Get A Stay Of Retirement

The E190 will remain a key feature for American Airlines until the end of this year. With the Boeing 737 MAX yet to return to service a year after being grounded, the airline will retire 17 of the Embraer aircraft later than initially planned.

American Airlines E190
American Airlines’ Embraer E190s will be sticking around until the end of 2020. Photo: Getty Images

Change of plan

The Points Guy reports that AA was planning to say goodbye to the E190s this summer. However, these plans have now changed due to fleet uncertainties.

The Texan outfit was relying on its 24 737 MAX 8s to fulfill several of its services but the plane type is still undergoing review before it is cleared to fly.

Additionally, when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) gives its approval, the aircraft will still have you undergo maintenance checks. Also, AA’s pilots will have to be up to date with the changes, which may include simulator training, before services can begin.

Furthermore, the arrival of the carrier’s Airbus A321neo aircraft continues to be delayed. According to an airline disclosure, American is expecting 18 of this type to join its fleet this year.

American Airlines E190 Aircraft
The E190s are useful on short-haul routes. Photo: Gwen K. via Wikimedia Commons

A sensible approach

With AA waiting to operate the two models, it will continue to put its faith in the E190s that it holds. Altogether, the airline operates 20 of the jets but now only three of them will leave during the middle of the year.

The landscape of the aviation industry is also going through another change due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. The demand to fly is reducing due to the concerns and many airlines have been cutting flights as a result.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Cathay Pacific is looking to delay the arrival of its Boeing 777X aircraft due to the indirect consequences of the outbreak. Therefore, United States-based airlines may not be as frustrated with the delay of the 737 MAX’s return as they previously were.

Embraer E190 American Airlines
Nonetheless, there will be fleet changes for American by this time next year. Photo: Adam Moreira (AEMoreira042281) via Wikimedia Commons

Tactical revisions

Simple Flying reached out to American Airlines for comment on its plans. A spokesperson for the firm replied with the following:

“Due to the continued grounding of our Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, we are extending the service life of 17 of our Embraer 190 aircraft through 2020. This extension allows us to continue connecting customers on their journeys.”

With the market going through an unpredictable situation right now, AA may be choosing to play it safe and keep hold of its trusted jets for a little longer.

Ultimately, the 737 MAX return has been prolonged longer than many airlines would have expected. Along with this, there has been an unprecedented shift in demand in the last month. Therefore, a revised approach has been needed to help ensure that operations run smoothly.

What are your thoughts on AA’s plans for its Embraer E190s? Is it a good idea for the carrier to keep hold of the jets for a few more months? Let us know what you think in the comment section.