American Airlines Service Increase To Iceland And Israel Was A Mistake

American Airlines has reportedly made a mistake in its scheduling of flights to Iceland and Israel. The airline is said to have scheduled a daily, year-round service between Philadelphia International and Reykjavík-Keflavík International as well as increasing its services from Dallas to Tel Aviv. However, these flights have since been removed by the airline.

American Airlines Service Increase To Iceland And Israel Was A Mistake
American Airlines has corrected its scheduling mistakes. Photo: Simple Flying / Thomas Boon

Inaccuracies for Israel flights

In November, news outlets picked up an exciting development in American Airlines’ Dallas Fort Worth International to Tel Aviv schedule. There seemed to be more flights on offer despite the airline’s announcement that the route would only operate on specific days. In a press release in August 2019, American Airlines affirmed that the service would only be operating three days a week. It said:

“As demand continues to grow between the U.S. and TLV, American is adding three weekly flights from DFW, its largest hub. These flights will serve customers throughout the U.S. and allow many customers to make only one stop, rather than the previous two stops that were available, to TLV.”

While the route was meant to be flown just three times a week, the airline posted flights for a daily service between the two regions, according to One Mile At A Time.

The alteration caused a bit of a stir since the route frequency has been so drastically increased. However, it appears that daily flights between Dallas Fort Worth and Tel Aviv were not American Airlines’ intentions at all. It has now altered its schedule back to three flights per week year-round. The airline will begin offering the route from 9th September 2020 on its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

American Airlines Service Increase To Iceland And Israel Was A Mistake
American Airlines will now fly to Tel Aviv three times a week on the 787-9 Dreamliner. Photo: Tomás Del Coro via Flickr

Errors for Rekjavík

As if the confusion surrounding the Tel Aviv schedule wasn’t enough, American Airlines decided to give daily operations another go. It increased services from Philadelphia International Airport to Reykjavík in Iceland, but this was slightly different.

American already offers a daily service from Philadelphia to Reykjavík, but it’s seasonal. The service will operate for only the summer season next year. The route will start on 5th June 2020 until 24th October 2020 every day. However, American Airlines reportedly increased its service to year-round, according to View From The Wing.

The move also provoked another bout of confusion. The airline had previously been considering year-round flights to Reykjavík from Dallas Fort Worth International, not from Philadelphia. The news came as a shock but the carrier promptly amended the mistake. American Airlines will no longer fly between Reykjavík and Philadelphia after 25th October 2020. All flights it lists on its website after that period are operated by British Airways.

What happened?

American Airlines Service Increase To Iceland And Israel Was A Mistake
What led to American Airlines’ scheduling mistakes? Photo: American Airlines

All scheduling issues have now been fixed and there are no more inaccuracies in American’s schedule. We contacted American Airlines to understand what the root cause was for the scheduling errors. A spokesperson for the airline told us:

“Our Tel Aviv service will operate three times per week next year, but our schedule mistakenly showed daily service next year. Our KEF service also was loaded as a year round service in error, and will operate seasonally from PHL. The schedules should be updated this weekend.”

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