American Airlines Planning Customer Tours Before First MAX Flights

American Airlines is planning to conduct tours of its Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. This move comes as the grounded jet is edging closer to its reintroduction at the end of this year.

American Airlines 737 MAX
American Airlines is hoping that its customer tours of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft can help passengers feel more comfortable after its return to action. Photo: Getty Images

Nearing return

The 737 MAX remains on the ground after over a year and a half following the controversy surrounding two fatal accidents. However, after rigorous scrutiny and testing by aviation bodies such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the plane could soon be back in the air for passenger services.

Boeing has made several changes to the jet’s software. Amendments include the implementation of a less aggressive flight-control system.

Subsequently, American Airlines is planning on flying its MAX aircraft from December. However, there would undoubtedly be some passengers still wary about hitting the skies with the plane. According to CNBC, the Texan outfit is planning to allow its passengers to see the jet in person after Thanksgiving.

American 737 MAX Getty
The Boeing 737 MAX flown for commercial passenger operations since March 2019. Photo: Getty Images

Clear communication

The airports where the tours could take place include Dallas/Fort Worth, LaGuardia, and Miami. Pilots and mechanics will also be available to discuss the plane via audio and video calls to guide customers and answer any questions.

CNBC highlights that in an employee town hall meeting, American Airlines chief customer officer Alison Taylor told staff the following about pilots and mechanics being available to discuss the jet:

“They’re the ones that…really have the credibility to explain the Max.”

In the town hall, American Airlines chief operating officer David Seymour added that the finish line is approaching for the return of the 737 MAX. Moreover, the company affirmed that customers booked on the aircraft would receive notifications and be able to switch to another flight if they don’t feel comfortable about boarding.

American flies two 737 MAX from Roswell to Tulsa
American Airlines is putting motions in place so that its customers can feel confident about flying after the MAX’s return to service. Photo: Getty Images

Industry challenges

American has 24 737 MAXs already delivered. However, it has deferred 18 deliveries of the variant following a $2.4 billion net loss. The company isn’t the only airline massively impacted by the aircraft’s grounding, with many operators heavily relying on the plane previously.

Southwest boeing 737 max grounded getty images
Other carriers such as Southwest Airlines were rocked by the MAX’s grounding. Photo: Getty Images

Despite the deferrals, the 737 will still be an important member of American Airlines’ fleet for future operations. Therefore, it is putting steps in place to ensure that customers feel comfortable about flying on the aircraft.

Simple Flying reached out to American Airlines for comment on these Boeing 737 MAX reports. We will update the article with any further announcements from the carrier.

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