American Expands Digital Health Passport VeriFLY Eligibility To All Airports

American Airlines is expanding its acceptance of the VeriFLY digital health passport to all American Airlines airports for travel to eight countries. Customers can use the app to ensure they meet the travel restrictions and mandates in effect for entry into various countries and display the VeriFLY acceptance app on departure to be cleared for flight.

American Boeing 777
American Airlines is expanding VeriFLY usage to all of its airports. Photo: Vincenzo Pace |

American Airlines expands VeriFLY acceptance

The Dallas/Fort Worth-based carrier has officially expanded VeriFLY digital health passport acceptance to all airports across its airports. Customers who are traveling from a domestic US destination on American Airlines to eight countries can use the VeriFLY app, which is free to download.

The VeriFLY app requires customers to input where they are flying to and upload their required travel documentation based on their travel destination. The most common requirement for international travel currently is a negative test result.

VeriFLY infographic
How VeriFLY works. Photo: American Airlines

Previously, American Airlines only accepted VeriFLY out of Miami. Now, customers can use VeriFLY for document verification when traveling on the following American Airlines-operated routes:

  • International flights to the US
  • Direct and connecting flights from American’s domestic airports to:

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The behind-the-scenes work for using the app

Simple Flying spoke with Preston Peterson, director of customer experience innovation at American Airlines, about the expanded rollout.

“VeriFLY is one additional layer of helping the customer be ready to travel on us. The feedback we are getting from customers who do choose to use it is very positive.”

The rollout made sense for American:

“The biggest thing is that, before we had VeriFLY, a customer was not sure they had all the right documentations and the testing information before they got to the airport. So, they were showing up to the airport not knowing whether or not they would be traveling.”

That green checkmark from the VeriFLY app will give customers the peace of mind to be able to travel. For American, it is all about streamlining the international travel process and helping its customers be prepared for international flying.

American Airlines Getty
American Airlines is trying to make sure its customers know what they need to accomplish and accomplish successfully before flying to an international destination. Photo: Getty Images

American’s joint venture partner, British Airways, is also now using VeriFLY to streamline international flying.

Clearing up the misconceptions

Since rolling out VeriFLY, and even with partner British Airways, there have been plenty of misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding the system. First and foremost, the most important thing to stress is that using VeriFLY is completely optional.

VeriFLY is certainly much easier to use since it allows customers to upload documentation and get a green checkmark that alerts any American team member that sees it that the passenger is ready for international travel.

American Airlines
American previously only accepted it out of Miami, but the expanded rollout will make it easier for more customers to fly internationally. Photo: Getty Images

Those who choose not to use the VeriFLY app will still need to present travel documentation at check-in. If passengers are connecting, they may need to re-verify their information at the connecting hub to ensure they are ready to fly. Passengers who choose to bring their own documentation will be responsible for ensuring they meet all entry requirements, while the VeriFLY app makes it easier for customers to see what they need.

Concerning security, American Airlines has made securing the data of those who use the VeriFLY app a top priority. At every step of the way, per Mr. Peterson, American and its extensive teams make sure customers’ data is safeguarded. American does not currently have any integrations, nor does it share any customer information with VeriFLY. However, Mr. Peterson is confident in the security of passengers’ data uploaded to the VeriFLY app, as it is a known and internationally recognized secure digital identity platform.

Passengers will need to show proof of eligibility to enter their international destination at check-in, regardless of whether they use VeriFLY or choose to bring their own documentation. Photo: Getty Images

There is no way for passengers to get around documentation verification relating to the pandemic. American Airlines is not harvesting customer’s health information. Just like you need to provide a passport for proof of travel and sometimes a visa, customers still need to provide proof of meeting entry requirements relating to the pandemic. They will need to do it at check-in, and they may be asked to do it again at their departing international flight’s gate.  It is easier through the VeriFLY app, but customers can still opt to use the paper method and arrive at the airport with a bit of uncertainty.

Are you glad to see American expand the use of VeriFLY to all of its stations? Will you use the digital health passport? Let us know in the comments!