ANA 787 Dreamliner Economy Review – Tokyo Narita To Singapore

I was embarking on the next leg of my journey to reach Singapore, and I had AN(A) amazing economy flight with ANA! The eight-hour-long route was operated by a 787 Dreamliner, scheduled to depart at 5pm. ANA’s quality and service made this a flight which I would gladly take again.

ANA 787, Dreamliner
Not my ride, by another beautiful ANA Dreamliner. Photo: Quinn Favret

The airport

I was connecting from another flight from Chicago, so I did not have to recheck my bags or go through the security process at Narita, missing out on the self bag drop which ANA has implemented. As I wandered through the sprawling airport, I was able to try quite a few food places, making this a great place to have an extended layover.

The downside of Narita is how long it takes to make it from gate to gate. However, I was able to find many cool sights on my mile-long walk to gate 28D.

ANA A380, Sea turtle
The famous ANA A380 which serves their Hawaii route. Photo: Quinn Favret
Delta A350
A gorgeous Delta A350, which will soon be a rare sight at Narita. Photo: Quinn Favret

After appreciating the diversity of aircraft, I made my way down to gate 28D where I remained until departure.

Stairs to Gate, Gate 28D
I proceeded into the basement to find my gate. Photo: Quinn Favret

There was a decent amount of waiting space and nice bathrooms in the boarding lobby, making for a pleasant half-hour until boarding was initiated.

Waiting room, NRT Seating
There were plenty of open seats in the lounge. Photo: Quinn Favret


After a short while, we were called to board around a half-hour before departure. The boarding process was chaotic. They essentially called up all business class passengers and then economy class passengers, resulting in a mad rush and incredibly long line. Once I finally made it through, I hopped on a bus and was shuttled to the awaiting Dreamliner.

long line, boarding wait
About half of a ridiculously long line to board. Photo: Quinn Favret

After a brief bus ride, I found myself eye to eye with a beautiful Rolls Royce engine. The 787-9 made for an awesome photo with its sleek wingtips and rounded nose. However, the beauty of the plane was not only on the exterior but inside as well. We made our way on to the plane to find a helpful crew and ample overhead space.

Rolls Royce Engine, ANA 787
Face to face with the powerful Rolls Royce engine. Photo: Quinn Favret
Boarding the plane, 787 dreamliner
After snapping a few pictures, I made my way up the stairs and to my seat. Photo: Quinn Favret

The plane

At seat 28D, I was towards the front of the economy section. My seat was great; there was a great quality pillow and blanket, plenty of legroom, and the perfect amount of padding. Being six feet tall makes airplane legroom a necessity, and ANA did a great job of accommodating this. There was also enough width to the seat to shift around and get comfortable.

leg room, 787 legroom
There was more than enough legroom on the 787, making it perfect for a nap. Photo: Quinn Favret

The only downside about this lovely plane was the in-flight entertainment system (IFE). It lacked many mainstream western options and, in turn, had a wide variety of Japenese cartoons and movies, without English translations. If you speak Japenese, this is awesome, if English is your primary language, there will be more limited options.

787 IFE, Lack of IFE
The IFE screen was nice, but the remote came off as antiquated. Photo: Quinn Favret

Another feature I love about the 787 is the virtual window shade, allowing for the window to be tinted at different levels with the click of a button.

Window shade
The button which controls the darkness of the window. Photo: Quinn Favret

The only thing that rivals this plane’s features is that of the 787-10 aircraft parked next to us on the tarmac!

An ANA 787-10 parked next to us on the tarmac. Photo: Quinn Favret

The flight

After a slightly delayed push back, I loved how the ground crew remained at the side of the aircraft and bowed and waved as we taxied away. This was a nice touch on our departure.

ground crew waving, departure
The two ground crew members waving goodbye! Photo: Quinn Favret

We got underway quickly and were soon cruising over the East China Sea. I decided to play around with the window settings and settled on a nice, dark blue tint.

787 window, Dark blue tint
The dark blue setting on the window made for a beautiful view. Photo: Quinn Favret
Interior cabin picture
The cabin interior was the perfect temperature and very quiet. Photo: Quinn Favret

An hour or so in, the crew came around and served dinner, which was certainly not typical but tasted great. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the snow crab dish, but the full meal appeared very healthy and was filling.

onboard meal
The meal was certainly different but exceeded expectations. Photo: Quinn Favret

Our flight continued on across Asia, and I dozed off, only to wake up to hundreds of boat lights shining in the darkness. Shortly after, we began our descent into Singapore.

lights on horizon
Many lights could be seen floating in the ocean. Photo: Quinn Favret


We caught up some time during the flight and made a smooth landing in Singapore right on schedule. Overall, I was massively impressed with ANA. I think their devotion to detail and customer service is exceptional, and their modern planes support this decision, although there is room for improvement with the IFE. This is surely one airline I will be flying with again.

Everyone quickly disembarked the plane. Photo: Quinn Favret
Changi Airport, Waterfall
I was warmly welcomed by the newest addition to the Changi Airport. Photo: Quinn Favret