ANA Flying Honu Airbus A380 Interior Revealed

All Nippon Airways (ANA) have finally revealed the interior of their beautiful Airbus A380 dubbed the ‘Flying Honu’. The bright blues of the aircraft exterior may have you worried about a headache inducing color scheme inside, but in fact ANA have been a good deal more subtle when designing their cabin.

ANA Flying Honu Airbus A380 Interior Revealed
Business is light and airy. Photo: ANA

When you see an aircraft as unique and beautiful as the Flying Honu from the outside, you just know that the interior is going to be a real treat too. And ANA haven’t disappointed.

The interior of the A380 registration number JA381A was unveiled at an event at Tokyo Narita International Airport yesterday.  The Flying Honu will operate exclusively on the Tokyo-Honolulu route from May onwards, having successfully completed its test flight recently.

But enough about the route, let’s get on to what really matters – the interior.

What’s inside the Flying Honu?

ANA’s A380 will feature a four class configuration with a total of 520 seats. On the main deck, there are 383 economy class seats, and upstairs there are 137 seats in total. These are split between 73 premium economy, 56 business class and eight first class suites.

ANA A380 seat map
ANA A380 seat map. Image: ANA

Throughout the aircraft, ANA have made use of large display screens, partly to reinforce their branding and also to give a touch of Hawaiian love. During the flight, screens throughout the cabins will display gorgeous photographs of Hawaii, to get passengers excited about their trip to the islands.

ANA A380 Business Class
Around the aircraft, large screen get passengers in the mood for Hawaii. Photo: ANA

First class

Let’s begin our tour at the top. The first class suites, located on the top deck at the pointy end of the plane, are aimed at upper class vacationers and honeymooning couples. It’s the first time ANA have operated first class to Hawaii, as the 787 Dreamliners don’t have the uber luxurious cabin on board.

ANA A380 First Class
An elegant first class suite. Photo: ANA

In total there are eight suites in a 1-2-1 configuration. Naturally each seat is fully lie flat, with a sliding door for privacy and a massive 32” IFE screen. There’s tons of storage space, AC power outlets and USB charging ports too.

ANA A380 First Class
White tablecloths and plenty of space in first class. Photo: ANA

Design-wise, these suites exude refinement and class. The dark tones of the paneling and fabrics create a really modern, luxurious feel. The middle two seats can be kept open for an intimate couples experience, or there’s a privacy screen which can be raised for solo travelers.

ANA A380 First Class
Lots of room to stretch out in first. Photo: ANA

As you would expect, the first class seats are huge, with plenty of room to stretch out. The table is large and folds out from under the screen, and there’s even a cushioned seat opposite so you can dine with your companion if you wish.

ANA A380 First Class
The cushioned seat opposite lets you be as social as you like. Photo: ANA

Aside of the luxurious appointment of first, ANA are also pushing the boat out with dining too. Expect high class meals on real plates and even crisp white tablecloths to finish the experience. There’s even a champagne bar at the head of the cabin, serving top quality wines, champagnes and more.

ANA A380 First Class
Huge IFE screens and high class catering. Photo: ANA

Business class

While business is a step down from first, on the ANA A380 you’d hardly notice. The 56 seat cabin offers a 1-2-1 seating arrangement with direct aisle access for all. The seats they’ve gone for are Zodiac Aerospace designs, similar to those seen on the Air France A350 but with a unique level of detail.

ANA A380 Business Class
Wide, comfortable and private. Photo: ANA

There are three choices of seats for business class travelers; the window seat, the aisle seat and the paired honeymoon seat.

ANA A380 business
Middle seats can honeymoon or raise a partition for privacy. Photo: ANA

The classic dark upholstery colors are accented with blue back panels and a light wood desk space. The cream of the surrounds gives the whole cabin a light and airy feel, perfect for a breath of fresh air before arriving in Hawaii.

ANA A380 Business Class
The light table tops and surrounds make the cabin feel spacious. Photo: ANA

By cleverly angling each seat, every traveler who wants their privacy can get it. The honeymoon seats are the only ones not angled away from neighbors, although there is a privacy screen which can be raised should someone not be sitting next to a companion in these.

ANA A380 Business Class
ANA A380 Business Class cabin. Photo: ANA

IFE is great in business too, with 18 inch HD touchscreen monitors complete with remote controls. There are, as expected, reading lights, solid tray tables, AC and USB power outlets and side tables, plus plenty of storage.

ANA A380 Business Class
More delectable dining in business. Photo: ANA

Premium economy

ANA have gone for one of the largest premium economy cabins currently in service, with no less than 73 seats available here. These are configured in a 2-3-2 arrangement, similar to those on ANAs existing widebody fleet.

ANA A380 Premium economy
ANA A380 Premium economy cabin. Photo: ANA

The neutral greys and blues of the cabin seats are offset by some beautiful dividing panels between the cabin zones. Again, the theme here is very much classy, elegant and understated.

ANA A380 Premium economy
Six way adjustable headrests in premium economy. Photo: ANA

We’ve loving the amount of storage space around the premium economy seats, with places to put your water and even an extra-large central armrest to ensure no elbow arguments with neighbors.

ANA A380 Premium economy
Plenty of space in premium economy. Photo: ANA

The 15.6” IFE screen is bright and clear, with a quality HD display. The swivel tray table is larger than their existing ones, and the six way adjustable headrest ensures a relaxing flight. Each seat has foot and leg rests as well as IFE remotes and both USB and AC charging points.

ANA A380 Premium economy
Six way adjustable headrests in premium economy. Photo: ANA


The entire ground floor of the A380 is dedicated to a stunning economy class cabin. ANA have gone for a 10 abreast 3-4-3 configuration, with no less than 383 seats from nose to tail. The entire cabin is fitted with ambient LED lighting that can cycle through all the colors of the rainbow, aiding the effects of jetlag and making for a very pretty cabin indeed.

ANA A380 Economy
Mood lighting improves the ambiance on board. Photo: ANA

The slimline seats allow for a generous 34” of pitch, one of the best in any economy class cabin. Seats to the windows are a light grey color, while the central four are a gorgeous deep blue.

ANA A380 Economy
The economy cabin on ANA’s A380. Photo: ANA

Every seat has a 13.3” HD touchscreen IFE display and six way adjustable headrests, as well as modified seatback pockets for better storage and both AC and USB charging.

ANA A380 Economy
The screen in premium economy is one of the biggest we’ve seen. Photo: ANA

Throughout the cabin there are self-service bars with snacks and drinks available throughout the flight.

ANA A380
Self service bar. Photo: ANA


The final seven rows of the Flying Honu have a unique family friendly feature. The ANA COUCHii seats have a liftable element which transforms a row of seats into a bed. It’s ideal for young children to play on, or indeed for someone to take a nap.

The ‘bed’ is big enough for a parent and child, or even a couple. Photo: ANA

If you’re thinking you’ve seen this somewhere before, you’d be right. Air New Zealand were the first to feature this type of product, although Joon also delved into the world of the Sky Couch too. ANA actually licensed their product from ANZ, and it promises to make travelling with little ones a much more pleasant experience.


The only downside to the ANA COUCHii is that, in sit up mode, it’s a couple of inches less in pitch than a standard economy seat. However, it’s a small price to pay for being able to lie flat for part of the trip.

Multipurpose room

Behind the economy cabin is a really interesting feature, unique to the Flying Honu, and that’s the ‘multipurpose room’. It might not look much, but it’s going to be priceless for travelers who need a bit of privacy but don’t want to sit in the toilet.

Multi purpose room
The multipurpose room will be a Godsend for mums with babies and those wanting a bit of ‘me’ time. Photo: ANA

Here, people can change, fix their hair, feed or change a baby or, let’s be honest, just get some quiet time and space for a moment. For anyone who’s ever wanted to just be alone for a minute (and not in a tiny bathroom) this is a golden addition and a great move on the part of ANA.

ANA A380
ANA’s ‘Flying Honu’ (meaning turtle) has been brought to life! Photo: ANA

With exactly one month until launch, Simple Flying are getting very excited for the start of ANA’s Honolulu service. Are you flying Honu this summer? Let us know!