The Story Behind ANA’s Colorful Airbus A380 Liveries

It has now been over a year since All Nippon Airways (ANA) first introduced its Airbus A380 aircraft. The Japanese outfit’s units specialize in flights between Tokyo Narita and Honolulu. With these operations, the jets have been given liveries with eye-catching designs.

ANA A380 Orange
There is a different meaning behind each exterior of ANA’s three Airbus A380s. Photo: Airbus

Lively liveries

The first ANA A380 entered service on the Narita-Honolulu route in May of last year. This jet is painted in blue to represent the Hawaiian blue sky. The second superjumbo introduced has an emerald green coating, which resembles the crystal clear waters that surround the islands.

The third A380 was due to arrive in April. However, the consequences of the global health crisis have forced ANA to ask for a delay in the handover. Nonetheless, it will come in orange livery, inspired by the famous Hawaiian sunset.

ANA A380 Blue
Hawaii’s blue skies are what several tourists look forward to seeing when they visit the state. Photo: Airbus

“FLYING HONU” is the name that ANA proudly gave these special liveries. The firm explains that the Hawaiian word “honu” is a term of endearment used towards the sea turtle. Ultimately, it reflects the boundless love that that Hawaii feels for the reptile.

The animal is sacred for many in the US state, and it believed that those who are graced with the presence of one are blessed with good fortune and prosperity. The carrier wishes to bring this luck to its customers traveling to the islands. Therefore it named these unique liveries in honor of the sea turtle.

ANA A380 Green
The nose of the superjumbo resembles a smiling sea turtle. Photo: Airbus

Extra thought

In an official press release announcing the expected delivery of the third unit, ANA SVP Seiichi Takahashi shared how considerate his company was when designing these A380s. The operator took Hawaiian touches and matched them with ANA’s customer service ethos.

“We took great care in the design of our FLYING HONUs to add touches such as family-friendly seating and a custom interior that make it well suited to the Narita-Honolulu route,” Takahashi said, according to the press release.

“Combined with design cues from Hawaiian culture, the unparalleled comfort and capacity of the FLYING HONUs will allow ANA to provide unrivaled service and efficiency on this increasingly prominent route. ANA’s efforts to offer a unique flight experience for passengers traveling between Tokyo and Honolulu is just one of the steps that we have taken to ensure that we continue elevating our standards of service.”

ANA A380 Delivery
The sea turtle is a positive symbol in Hawaii. Photo: Tom Boon / Simple Flying

A personal touch

The company also highlights that the customized liveries are a testament to the carrier’s commitment to Japanese hospitality. Additionally, it emphasizes the firm’s goal of strengthening links across the globe. Altogether, there is a vibrant theme behind all three of the A380s.

ANA connects two island communities across the Pacific with these widebodies. Ultimately, both lands have rich and colorful histories, and it is great to see this being celebrated through the vessel that brings them together.

What are your thoughts on the ANA’s Airbus A380s? Have you ever flown on one of these jets? Let us know what you think of their liveries in the comment section.