ANA Will Operate Only The Airbus A380 To Hawaii From June

Japanese carrier ANA has moved forward the date that it will fully replace the Boeing 777 with Airbus A380s between Tokyo and Honolulu. The switch will now be completed in June, according to Routesonline.

ANA, Airbus A380, Honolulu
ANA has brought forward the date at which the Airbus A380 will begin solely operating flights to Honolulu. Photo: Getty Images

ANA, or All Nippon Airways, is an interesting airline when it comes to the Airbus A380. The carrier has the smallest A380 fleet of any scheduled carrier. It was also the last customer to receive its first Airbus A380. Additionally, the airline is only flying the aircraft, which are painted like turtles, on one specific route: Tokyo to Honolulu.

What’s changing?

Prior to the delivery of its first Airbus A380, ANA was operating the Boeing 777 to Honolulu. However, the route is clearly key to the Japanese airline, which wanted to make it stand out. As a result, the airline’s sole A380 route will see the aircraft flying twice daily to the Hawaiian island.

Currently, 10 out of 14 rotations between Tokyo and Honolulu are operated by the mighty Airbus A380. The remainder are flown by the Boeing 777. However, when the third and final Airbus A380 is delivered to the carrier, the A380 will operate all 14 rotations to Honolulu.

ANA, Airbus A380, Honolulu
ANA will only fly the Airbus A380 to Honolulu and back. Photo: GCMaps

1st June 2020

The switchover to all Airbus A380 operations had been planned for the 1st of July 2020. However, according to Routesonline, this will now be brought forwards by a month. The publication states that the Boeing 777 will be removed from the Honolulu route a month earlier than planned. As such, all rotations will be operated by an Airbus A380 from the 1st of June 2020.

From the 1st of June, unless anything changes, twice a day for seven days per week one of the airline’s three A380s will depart for Honolulu. According to Routesonline, the following flights will be operated by the type:

  • NH184 will depart from Tokyo Narita (NRT) at 20:10. The A380 is then due to arrive in Honolulu (HNL) at 08:30.
  • NH183 will then depart from Honolulu at 11:35. It will arrive back in Tokyo at 15:05 the next day.
  • NH182 will depart from Tokyo Narita at 21:30. This Airbus A380 flight is scheduled to arrive in Honolulu at 09:50.
  • NH181 will finally depart from Honolulu at 12:40. Following its Pacific crossing, it will arrive in Tokyo at 16:15 the next day.
ANA, Airbus A380, Honolulu
Each of ANA’s A380s wears a stunning turtle livery. Photo: Getty Images

All Nippon Airways will receive its third and final Airbus A380, painted with a sunset orange turtle livery, in April 2020 according to the carrier. The other two aircraft are painted in ANA blue, and emerald green to represent the Hawaiian sky and sea. Additionally, each of the A380s has its own name.

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The scheduling information contained in this article was sourced from Routesonline.