ANA Set To Receive Its Final Airbus A380 In April

All Nippon Airways has revealed it expects to receive its final Airbus A380 in April. As the program was brought to a halt last year, only Emirates orders will remain following the delivery.

ANA, Airbus A380, Last Delivery
ANA received its first Airbus A380 last year. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Last March, ANA took delivery of its first Airbus A380 in Toulouse. The iconic aircraft, named the flying Honu, is used exclusively by the carrier between Tokyo and Honolulu. ANA placed the smallest fleet order for the A380, committing to just three aircraft. Each wears a unique turtle livery and flies to ANA’s specially constructed gate at the Hawaiian airport of Honolulu.

Double daily Airbus A380 service

With the arrival of its third and final Airbus A380 aircraft, All Nippon Airways will be able to operate two daily services with the giant of the skies in each direction between Japan and Hawaii. The double daily service is sent to commence on July 1st. However, this aircraft may be seen operating before then, to give the others a little break.

With just two Airbus A380s in the ANA fleet, the airline currently operates 10 of 14 weekly Honolulu rotations with the aircraft. The remaining rotations are operated by one of the airline’s Boeing 777 aircraft.

ANA, Airbus A380, Last Delivery
Airbus held a huge celebration for the delivery of ANA’s first Airbus A380. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

What makes the ANA A380 special?

Arguably the most impressive thing setting ANA’s Airbus A380s apart from both its fleet and other A380s is the impressive livery. The airline has given each Airbus A380 a unique identity. Simple Flying saw Lani, the first aircraft, being delivered in an ‘ANA Blue’ color scheme. Lani represents the Hawaiian sky.

Kai was the second Airbus A380 to be delivered to the airline by Airbus. This aircraft, in an ‘Emerald Green’ color scheme, entered into service in the summer of 2019. The green represents the Hawaiian ocean.

Last but not least is, arguably ANA’s most impressive Airbus A380. Due to be delivered in April is Ka La. With a ‘Sunset Orange’ color scheme, she represents the Hawaiian sunset.

ANA, Airbus A380, Last Delivery
Each Airbus A380 in the ANA fleet has been given its own identity. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

What about onboard?

Onboard the Airbus A380 is ANA’s four-class cabin. The lower deck of the aircraft is dedicated to the economy cabin. This seats 383 passengers, and offers special ‘COUCHii’ seating in the rear six rows, in addition to a special family room.

The remaining three cabins are located on the upper deck. At the front of the aircraft are eight first-class suites. Prior to the release of ANA’s new Boeing 777 cabin, these were a game-changer for the airline.

Behind this is the airline’s business class cabin. With a 1-2-1 layout, the cabin has 56 seats across 14 rows. Last but not least, at the very rear of the aircraft’s upper deck is the premium economy cabin. This sees 73 seats in a 2-3-2 layout, split into two.

Which ANA Airbus A380 livery is your favorite? Have you flown on the aircraft yet? What were your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!