ANA and Japan Airlines Announce Domestic Flight Reductions

Two of Japan’s largest carriers, ANA (All Nippon Airways) and Japan Airlines (JAL), have announced major domestic reductions in recent days. Combined, these changes will affect hundreds of flights across Japan for the next few weeks as the airlines deal with reduced travel demand due to coronavirus.

ANA and JAL Domestic Reductions
ANA and Japan Airlines have announced major domestic flight reductions. Photo: Getty Images

ANA’s domestic flight reductions

From March 9th through 12th, 180 domestic flights on ANA will be affected. Below is the full list of affected flights:

ANA Affected flights
The list of affected ANA flights between March 9th and 12th. Photo: ANA

Then, from March 13th through 19th, another 522 domestic flights on ANA are affected. Some of these are drastic reductions. Haneda to Sapporo service almost halves while Haneda service to Hiroshima goes from 10 round trips per day to 8. Here is the full list of affected flights between March 13 and 19th:

ANA affected flights
The list of affected flights from March 13th through 19th. Photo: ANA

If your flight is on this list, you should contact ANA for alternate options.

Japan Airlines’ domestic reductions

During the period of March 9th through March 12th, Japan Airlines is reducing 42 domestic flights.

March 9-12
Japan Airlines affected flights from March 9th through 12th. Photo: JAL

Meanwhile, Japan Airlines flight schedules will see major reductions between March 13th and 19th. For the full list of 684 affected flights, see here.

JAL 787
Japan Airlines is cutting over 600 flights within Japan from March 13-19th. Photo: Jay Singh – Simple Flying

JAL is also extending waivers for domestic flight changes or cancelations for flights before April 5th, 2020. For customers who need to change their flights, they should contact JAL and seek options for rebooking.

JAL and ANA also cutting international flights

ANA has also announced some new international flight cuts including suspension of services to Mumbai and Chennai from mid-March through March 28th. In addition, ANA will also reduce service to New Delhi.

ANA international
ANA international suspensions. Photo: ANA

JAL’s flight reductions involve flights to China, Hong Kong, and Seoul. In addition, JAL will also be cutting some Bangkok flights.ANA and Japan Airlines Announce Domestic Flight Reductions

ANA and Japan Airlines Announce Domestic Flight Reductions
JAL Bangkok, Seoul, and China suspensions. Photo: JAL

Other airlines cancel services to Japan

Amid plunging demand to East Asia, a number of other carriers including Delta Air Lines and Hawaiian Airlines are cutting flights to and from Japan. While the coronavirus outbreak has not spread in the way it has in South Korea, China, Italy, and Iran, airlines are noting reduced demand for travel to East Asia.

Tokyo Olympics flight paths
Airlines are seeing reduced demand on flights to Japan. Photo: Getty Images


2020 was supposed to be a huge year for travel to Japan. With the Olympics scheduled for later this year, airlines were anticipating large numbers of passengers and Japanese airlines were also promoting domestic travel to other parts of Japan.

However, as the coronavirus outbreak continues globally, airlines are noticing some drop in demand. As the virus does spread, carriers also are forced to suspend flights to key destinations.

This latest round of announcements from ANA and JAL indicate that domestic demand is also taking somewhat of a hit from the outbreak. While it is unclear when demand will be restored, airlines are working hard to restore passenger confidence and minimize losses.

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