ANA To Open Three New Lounges At Haneda Airport

On March 29th, ANA will introduce some upgraded experiences out of Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. These will be located in Terminal 2 where ANA will fly international operations from. The enhancements include new self-service baggage drops, enhanced security options, and three brand new lounges.

ANA aircraft at Tokyo Airport
ANA is making some major improvements at Haneda. Photo: Getty

ANA will open three new lounges at Haneda

All Nippon Airways, known more commonly as ANA, is one of Japan’s leading airlines. And, the airline has announced the opening of upgraded areas in Terminal 2 to coincide with the start of major international operations from the terminal. Masaki Yokai, Senior Vice President of ANA, had the following to say:

ANA is always looking for opportunities to improve the passenger experience, and the coming changes at Haneda will make using the airport more convenient and comfortable for all ANA passengers. The three revamped lounges underscore ANA’s commitment to superior comfort and culinary excellence and the new technological features at Haneda will also be a significant step forward. We are doing all we can to not just keep pace with industry changes but to stay ahead of the curve.

ANA will start major international operations out of Haneda’s Terminal 2 on March 29th. Photo: Simple Flying

The new lounges are the ANA Suite Lounge, ANA Lounge, and ANA Arrival Lounge. All are designed by Kengo Kuma – a leading Japanese architect.

The ANA Suite Lounge

With seating for 360, this is a large lounge with multiple areas. Inside, the lounge will offer mesh partitions inspired by the famous shoji partitions of Japan. On the third floor, there will be the LIVE Kitchen. Here, passengers will be able to order food prepared from a chef. Food options include omelets in the morning with a choice of toppings and, for dinner, nigiri sushi. There will also be a noodle bar, a la carte dish option, and a seating area for dining.

ANA lounge dining area
The LIVE Kitchen seating area. Photo: ANA

On the fourth floor, there will be a bar. Interestingly, this is the first ANA Suite Lounge to have a bar counter with seating for passengers in front of a barista or bartender. In the morning, coffee and espresso will be on duty. And, from the afternoon, a bartender will be available to prepare your choice of over 20 cocktails, wine, Japanese sake, and more.

ANA bar area
The bar area at the new ANA Suite Lounge. Photo: ANA

Also on the fourth floor, ANA will have a napping area with six beds and five reclining chairs. Next to this napping area are private booths with televisions.

NAP Area
The napping area will have six beds and five reclining chairs. Photo: ANA

The fourth floor is also where the lounge entrance is located. The design here is based on traditional Japanese gardens and bamboo forests. Moreover, there is also a wheelchair-accessible counter for passengers who have disabilities.

Lounge entrance
The entrance to the ANA lounge will have a counter that is wheelchair accessible. Photo: ANA

The ANA Lounge

There is also the ANA Lounge. This massive lounge can accommodate up to 900 people. As in the Suite Lounge, this ANA Lounge will have a buffet area with chefs and a noodle bar on the fourth floor.

ANA lounge
The LIVE Kitchen will feature a buffet area. Photo: ANA

There is also a bar area on the fourth floor with booth seating. Here, passengers can also indulge in a varied drink menu.

The BAR area
The bar area in the ANA lounge. Photo: ANA

There are also 24 booth seats for passengers who desire some privacy. Some of these are larger to accommodate parties of two.

ANA Lounge Booth
ANA Lounge booth seating. Photo: ANA

For kids, there will also be a kids’ room on the fourth floor. This is a safe and secure environment for children to play.

The ANA Arrival lounge

Lastly, ANA is also opening an arrival lounge open from 4:30 to 12:30 local time. This space is designed to offer customers a chance to refresh after a flight. There are seating areas with the option to consume light meals and beverages.

The ANA Arrival Lounge will have room for passengers to have a light snack or beverage before the next part of their journey. Photo: ANA

There are also 18 shower rooms for passengers. However, there is also an interesting feature in this lounge. ANA will offer a footbath area with an ocean and runway view.

The footbath area at the Arrival Lounge. Photo: ANA


ANA is opening three new lounges at Haneda Airport on March 29th. With the opening of these new lounges in Terminal 2, however, the ANA Suite Lounge and ANA Lounge in Terminal 3 will shut down. These new lounges come after ANA has significantly invested in improving passenger experiences including debuting some new onboard products.

In addition to all of this, at the Terminal 2 departures area, ANA is offering self-service baggage drops, enhanced security machines that are more efficient, and new check-in areas for First Class and elite passengers.

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