ANA Plans Its Third Airbus A380 Flight To Nowhere

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has been operating special Airbus A380 ‘flights to nowhere’ to keep its turtle-liveried giants in the sky during the global passenger downturn. They have proven incredibly popular. Now, the airline is planning its third such flight to take place in mid-November.

ANA, Airbus A380, Honolulu
ANA’s Airbus A380 will take to the skies once more in November. Photo: Getty Images

Airlines have been placed in a strange situation. Across the globe, passenger numbers have been down. This means that the airlines have been making less from passenger revenue, and planes have been sitting dormant. To counteract this, many airlines have been operating flights to nowhere. This allows passengers to take to the skies without worrying about travel restrictions. Meanwhile, aircraft get to flex their wings, and airlines make some money.

ANA’s third flight

All Nippon Airways is currently planning its third such flight to nowhere. The Japanese airline has been using its pair of Airbus A380 aircraft for such flights. These aircraft had been earmarked by the airline to run flights to and from Honolulu exclusively. However, while ANA has resumed Hawaii flights, the giants are uneconomical, given the current lack in demand for travel.

ANA A380 Orange
ANA is still awaiting delivery of its final Airbus A380. Photo: Airbus

Rather than confine these beautifully liveried aircraft to the side of the airport, ANA has dusted off their wings for flights to nowhere. The third such flight offered by the airline is due to take place on November 15th, according to the Japanese publication Aviation Wire.

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ANA is upping the ante for this latest flight, however. While the airline’s previous flights to nowhere lasted around an hour and a half, November’s flight is being planned to last twice the time, at three hours.

Aviation Wire reports that the service will have the flight number NH2030 and will depart at around 14:00. Tickets will be available through a lottery lasting until Friday. Prices will range from 28,000 yen ($265.43) for an economy aisle seat to 68,000 yen ($644.62) in first class. This will potentially allow some who may not usually afford to fly in ANA’s first cabin to enjoy the unique experience.

ANA A380 First Class
The ANA A380 first class suite is laid out in a 1-2-1 configuration. Photo: ANA

The previous flights

ANA’s last two flights each lasted around one and a half hours. Both of the A380s have been used for the flights. The first flight on August 22nd was completed by the airline’s blue turtle liveried JA381A. This was the first Airbus A380 delivered to ANA in March 2019.

ANA, Airbus A380, Flight To Nowhere
The previous flights to nowhere lasted around 1:30 hours. Photo:

The airline operated the second flight with its green Flying Honu on September 20th. This aircraft, JA382A, was delivered to the airline in May 2019. As the airline’s third and final A380 painted in orange is yet to be delivered, one of the previously mentioned two will be used for November’s flight.

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