ANA Sees Huge Potential In Premium Passengers On Domestic Routes

In a world where airlines are constantly evaluating their aircraft seating plans, it seems as though ANA has found the answer in their premium offering. The carrier is boosting the number of premium seats they offer on domestic flights in a bid to maximise profits.

ANA B777
ANA is refitting its domestic Boeing 777 and 787 fleet. Photo via Pxhere

Lately, a number of carriers have been rejigging their cabins. While British Airways has opted to introduce a new cabin alongside Virgin Atlantic, others have gone in the opposite direction. Asiana Airlines is cutting their first class offering and rebranding it as premium business class.

Cabin reorganisation

Premium economy cabins can make a huge profit for airlines, if done correctly. As such, ANA is looking to capitalise on this, although only on certain domestic routes for the time being. In total ANA will be reconfiguring 19 aircraft. This consists of eight Boeing 777-200 aircraft and eleven Boeing 787-8 aircraft.

ANA Seating
ANA’s refit will see the cabins receive a new seating configuration. Photo: ANA

The Boeing 787-8 aircraft currently have a 12 seat premium economy cabin, which is accompanied by 323 economy seats. ANA will be revamping this offering by more than doubling the premium cabin to 28 seats, with economy dropping to 284 seats.

On the Boeing 777-200, the story is similar. Currently the aircraft has a configuration of 21 premium economy seats and 384 economy seats. On this aircraft the carrier is bumping premium, again to 28 seats. Meanwhile, economy will drop down to 364 seats.

Improved seats

Along with reorganising the cabin, ANA is going to refurbish the aircraft. This will see a new interior implemented onboard. The premium economy seats will be equipped with a 15 inch touch screen personal entertainment device.

Ana domestic premium economy seat
ANA is introducing new premium economy seats. Photo: ANA

The economy seats will also be spruced up on the aircraft. Toyota Boshoku will produce the seats, as the top automotive seat designers in Japan. The new economy seats will have been designed with ergonomics as a key focus. Indeed, ANA has specifically looked at the way passengers bones and bodies will interface with the seat. They have also taken efforts to ensure that the new 11.6 inch touch screen monitors are comfortable for all passengers.

Ana domestic economy seat
ANA’s domestic economy passengers will get a personal touch screen entertainment system. Photo: ANA

The timeline

ANA is going to commence the retrofit of its 19 aircraft in autumn of this year. The refit of the small fleet of wide bodies will be completed in the first half of the 2022 financial year.

Hideki Kunugi, Executive Vice President of ANA said:

These changes will allow ANA to meet shifts in demand while ensuring unrivaled comfort and convenience for our passengers.

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