ANA Receives Second Airbus A380 Flying Honu

After receiving their first A380 this March, ANA have received their second just this week. This is number two of a total of three which were ordered by the Japanese airline. The three A380s have been painted in a special livery called the “Flying Honu” and are intended to serve passengers flying between Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT) and Honolulu Hawaii (HNL).

ANA Receives Second Airbus A380 Flying Honu
The latest A380 for ANA, in Emerald Green. Photo: ANA

Livery Background

The special livery series was part of an ANA contest. Customers around the world put in submissions and the Honu was the top choice. The winning design centers around the honu – a Hawaiian green sea turtle. The honu is a symbol of good luck and prosperity in Hawaii.

With this character design of Honu, All Nippon Airways aims to raise awareness about environmental issues and contribute to saving sea turtles and the environment.  -Shohei Hattori, ANA Corporate Planning Manager

The first honu delivery in March had the “Sky Blue” color. This second Airbus A380 that was recently delivered to ANA is “Emerald Green”. Inspiration comes from “the crystal-clear water of the ocean surrounding Hawaii”. Finally, the third honu will be “Sunset Orange”.

The Executive Vice President of ANA, Yutaka Ito, made a public statement regarding this most recent delivery:

“We are excited to welcome the second A380 into our world class fleet of aircraft…With its visually distinct livery that evokes the folklore and traditions of Hawaii, and the outstanding features of the A380, the beautiful Emerald Green FLYING HONU lives up to the ANA standard of excellence. We are ready to welcome the plane to Narita Airport so that we can begin operations.” -Yutaka Ito, Executive Vice President of ANA.

ANA Receives Second Airbus A380 Flying Honu
The three A380s will each have their own distinct color: Blue, Green, and Orange. Photo: Airbus

Service to Hawaii

With the first order in December 2015, the A380s will service the Tokyo to Honolulu route. According to the ANA website, the A380 will make the trip three times per week as NH183 and NH184 for the month of June.

However, from July and onward there will be a flight once per day, except for Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays when there will be two flights. The additional flights will operate as NH181 and NH182.

We previously revealed the interior of these aircraft, which have a four-class configuration (first, business, premium economy, economy) to accommodate 520 passengers. In addition, these flights, ANA will have “COUCHii”.

COUCHii is the very first couch seat available on a Japanese Airline. Available for an extra fee, COUCHii comprises three or four adjacent seats with raisable armrests. This allows it to be used as a makeshift bed. Bedding will accompany a COUCHii ticket.

ANA Receives Second Airbus A380 Flying Honu
The ANA A380s will seat 520 passengers in a 4-class configuration. Photo: ANA

One of the last A380s

The Airbus A380 program has now been discontinued due to poor sales and low demand. Therefore, the ANA order was one of the last to be placed. In fact, this will make the Flying Honu aircraft some of the newest and youngest A380s in the world.

With ANA’s 5-Star service in the spacious cabin of the A380, flights between Hawaii and Tokyo should be a very pleasant experience!

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