ANA Shows Off Their Brand New Airbus A380

Believe it or not, A380s are still being delivered, and the three new A380s being delivered to All Nippon Airways are aircraft you won’t want to miss. Each will come with a unique turtle paint scheme and will serve the company’s route to Honolulu in Hawaii. With the first commercial flight scheduled for May 2019, the A380 will soon be spotted alongside Southwest’s B737 aircraft.

With the aircraft rolling off the production line at the end of August, it has taken around 3 and a half months for the paint job to be applied, however, the paint job itself only took 21 days. Using 16 different colours, it took an awful lot of paint to cover the3,600msurface in one of Airbus’ most elaborate designs. However, given the complexity of the paint job and the size of the aircraft, that comes as no surprise.

ANA A380
The new A380 is painted like a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. Photo: ANA

About The ANA A380

ANA has ordered three Airbus A380 aircraft. While each will come in the sea turtle design named Honu, each will be painted in a different colour scheme. Each aircraft will seat a total of 520 passengers. This will be made up of 8 seats in first class.

Additionally, 56 business class seats will accompany 73 premium economy and 383 economy seats. In economy, there will be a couple of rows which have new COUCHii seats similar to Joon’s new family couch seating. The cabin will contain rainbow mood lighting, along with amenity kits, drinks, and food which are exclusive to the aircraft.

ANA A380
The new paint job was roller out of the hangar during a ceremony in Hamburg. Photo: ANA

What Next?

The next step for the aircraft is for the interior fitting. This will see ANA’s A380 receiving all of the seats, galleys, toilets, and lighting among others. Once the installation of the cabin is complete, delivery of the aircraft is scheduled for some time in March 2019. Following this, it will begin flying to Honolulu on May 24th 2019.

ANA A380
Honu will begin flying between Tokyo and Honolulu in May. Photo: ANA

In a statement to Simple Flying ANA ‘s Executive Vice President, Yutaka Ito, said: “We are excited to showcase the largest passenger aircraft and even more excited about the experience it will offer travellers on the Narita-Honolulu route. The Airbus A380 will be an important addition to ANA’s current fleet and it will allow passengers to reach the scenic islands of Hawaii in comfort and style. The customized livery adds a personal touch that will make the trip that much more memorable.”

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