ANA To Offer Special A380 Flight To Witness First Sunrise Of 2021

Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways is to offer two special flights at the end of the year. An Airbus A380 and a Boeing 777 will depart from Tokyo, carrying sightseers on a flight to nowhere to witness the first sunrise of 2021.

ANA, 2021 Sunrise, Airbus A380
ANA will operate an Airbus A380 flight to nowhere to see the first sunrise of 2021. Photo: Getty Images

Due to everything going on in the world right now, 2020 has become the year of flights to nowhere. However, while most flights to nowhere are standard daytime sightseeing flights, a couple of airlines have really pushed the boat out with their offering. One example is Qantas with its 8.5 hour Boeing 787 flight to see the sights of Eastern Australia.

Two special flights

All Nippon Airways is operating two special flights to celebrate the new year. One of these flights will be conducted by one of the airline’s Airbus A380 aircraft. Since these were grounded in late March, they have only operated flights to nowhere.

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The Airbus A380 flight will operate from Tokyo’s Narita airport, with passengers required to check-in between 03:15 and 04:15 on January 1st. The flight will then depart from the airport between 05:30 and 06:00. On January 1st, 2021, Tokyo will experience sunrise at 06:51.

ANA’s A380s have spent much of 2020 grounded. Photo: Getty Images

The flight will observe Japan’s first sunrise of the new year before also flying around Mount Fuji. Every passenger onboard the flight will leave with goodies. Everybody will get a turtle Airbus A380 soft toy and a sweet treat.

Those in premium economy will also get a branded carrier bag, while those in business will get a luggage tag. First class passengers will get the luggage tag and a set of ANA bag organizers. All passengers will also avail of “new year style lunch and drinks” that are included in the flight price.

Prices range from ¥125,000 ($2000) for a window seat in first class to ¥40,000 ($383) for an aisle seat in the economy cabin.

What about the Boeing 777?

As we mentioned, the airline is operating two flights, with the second being a Boeing 777 flight from Haneda Airport, also in Tokyo. This flight has just two classes. This comprises three rows of premium seats in a 2-3-2 config, with the remaining aircraft in a 3-4-3 config.

ANA, 2021 Sunrise, Airbus A380
A second sunrise flight will operate from Haneda with a Boeing 777. Photo: Getty Images

The itinerary for the day is relatively similar, with the flight departing from Haneda at around 05:30, and a sightseeing trip to Mount Fuji included. Tickets for this flight range from ¥80,000 ($764) for a premium window seat to ¥35,000 ($334) for an economy aisle seat.

Booking onto either of the flights won’t be as easy as buying a ticket, sadly. Due to the popularity of its flights to nowhere, ANA is operating a ticket lottery for both flights. The lottery can be entered on the airline’s website.

Would you rather watch the first sunrise of 2021 from an A380 or a Boeing 777? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!