Angara Airlines Antonov An-148 Overruns Runway In Russia

An Antonov An-148 owned by Russia’s Angara Airlines was involved in a minor incident at Mirny Airport, Siberia yesterday. The Antonov An-148 experienced difficulty braking before the end of the runway and eventually came to a stop 15 meters into the paved safety area.

An Angara Airlines Antonov An-148
There were no injuries as a result of today’s incident. Photo: Rodion Kuznetsov via Wikimedia Commons

The Aviation Herald reported yesterday on a minor incident at Russia’s Mirny Airport. At 09:06 local time on 18 October, an Angara Airlines Antonov An-148 passed the end of the runway during landing.

Three detachments of the Federal Fire Service were sent to the aircraft upon landing, alongside the airport’s own fire and safety teams.

The aircraft, a 7.6-year-old AN-148, registered RA-61713, was flying from Irkutsk to Mirny as flight IK-711.

None of the 61 passengers or 5 crew on board suffered any injuries and there was no damage reported to the aircraft itself.

The end of the runway 25 at Mirny is followed by a paved safety area, which likely saved the aircraft from more serious damage.

What caused the incident?

According to reports from Russian government agencies, the pilots aboard flight IK-711 received information from ATIS about the specific braking coefficients for runway 25 at Mirny. The coefficients received from ATIS were 0.39, 0.32 and 0.32.

Six minutes before landing at Mirny, flight IK-711 requested updated braking information from the airport.

No response regarding braking conditions was received, so the pilots proceeded to land using Standard Operating Procedure and the landing performance charts.

After touching down, the Angara Airlines Antonov An-148 struggled to brake before reaching the end of the runway. It ended up passing the end of Mirny Airport’s runway 25 at a speed of 25 knots, according to flight data.

An Angara Airlines Antonov An-148
The Angara Airlines Antonov An-148 came to a halt right at the edge of the runway’s paved safety area. Photo: Press Service of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia for the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Luckily there is a paved safety area at the end of Mirny Airport’s runway. As the image above shows, the aircraft stopped just short of the end. If it had continued into the rough ground at the end of the paved safety area, the likelihood of damage to the aircraft and injuries to passengers and crew would likely be much higher.

More about the Antonov An-148

Antonov is a Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer which produces the Antonov An-148 for a handful of primarily state-run airlines around the world.

These include Air Koryo, the flag carrier of North Korea, Cubana de Aviación and a number of Russian government ministries.

The An-148 comes in a number of different configurations, which allow it to carry 68-85 passengers.

Although Antonov is based in Ukraine, the Voronezh Aircraft Production Association was allowed to produced the aircraft in Russia until Russian-Ukrainian relations deteriorated.

Antonov is probably most famous for producing the Antonov An-225 Mriya, the largest and heaviest aircraft ever built.

The Antonov An-225 is powered by six turbofan engines which sit underneath its wings, which also happen to make the An-225 the aircraft with the largest wingspan ever.

The Antonov An-225
Antonov also produced the An-225, the largest plane ever built. Photo: Larske via Wikimedia Commons