App In The Air Is Donating Vaccines When You Use It

The popular travel app App in the Air has revealed a new campaign to donate vaccines each time users upload their vaccine data to the app. In addition, the firm is pledging to donate $25,000 to COVAX, ensuring even more vulnerable individuals can be vaccinated against COVID-19.

App In The Air, COVAX, Donation
App in the Air is donating to vaccine programs such as COVAX. Photo: Getty Images

While vaccines have been spreading through the developed world like wildfire, with massive availability at no notice, the same can’t be said for less developed nations. The COVAX initiative intends to make vaccines available to less-developed countries and has the backing of significant airline partners for distribution.

Upload a Vax, Give a Vax

App In The Air has added the functionality to store vaccines within the app. While it may seem like just another app adding such a functionality (I’ve now got my certificate stored in four other apps), it does make sense for App in the Air to add such functionality.

The people who use the app will already have it handy when traveling to check their flight status and more. Having such data handy in an app you’re already using saves you from having to search for it in another app on your phone.

App In The Air, COVAX, Donation
It makes sense to store vaccine confirmation in an app used while traveling. Photo: App in the Air

When users of the app upload their documents, they’ll also be doing good. For every proof of vaccination uploaded to the app, it will donate one vaccine through Gavi, which helps to vaccinate almost half of the world’s children against infectious diseases. As mentioned above, the app is also pledging $25,000 to COVAX.

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Commenting on the initiative, App in the Air’s CEO, Bayram Annakov, said,

“We want people to be able to travel freely and safely, and recognise that vaccine requirements slow that down…Our technology’s vision is always to bring a seamless and simplified travel experience for our users.”

Airlines also playing their part

Airlines around the world may very well end up carrying vaccines brought by the donation to COVAX. In February, 16 major airlines and airline groups from across the industry partnered with UNICEF on vaccine delivery. Between them, airlines are carrying vaccines and other essential supplies to more than 100 countries worldwide.

UNICEF, COVID-19 Vaccine, Delivery
Airlines from across the industry are helping to deliver vaccines where they’re needed. Photo: Getty Images

The benefits of the partnership are already being seen around the world. In August, IAG Cargo revealed that it had flown over 10 million vaccines worldwide, with at least four million going to Abuja in Nigeria as part of the COVAX initiative. Meanwhile, in July, Emirates had already passed that milestone by quite a way, having ferried 150 million vaccines worldwide. It’s unclear what portion of these are part of the COVAX initiative.

What do you make of the new initiative being pursued by App in the Air? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!