Cool: Atlanta-San Francisco Under $250 Return Throughout Summer


The latest high-value deal that we’ve sourced is a transcontinental getaway to the US West Coast. With various dates available on the route, and the possibility of flying on some rare aircraft, it’s not one to miss!

Delta Boeing 757-300 Getty
Delta Air Lines has a fleet of 16 Boeing 757-300s. These can sometimes be found on the Atlanta-San Francisco route. Photo: Getty Images

The airlines

The airlines whose flights come in at under $250 on this route throughout summer are Frontier and Delta. Frontier is a Denver-based low-cost carrier that operates Airbus A320 aircraft on this route. It offers passengers the advantage of spreading the cost of their flights over a 12-month period. ‘Discount Den’ members with the airline can also enjoy further savings!

Meanwhile, Delta operates a variety of aircraft on this route, including the Boeing 737 and 757. The latter will be the rare, stretched 757-300 variant in certain instances, which would surely be a welcome additional treat for any avgeeks onboard!

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San Francisco Sunrise
San Francisco is situated in the picturesque Bay Area in northern California. Photo: _Veit_ via Flickr

The dates

At certain times in July and August this year, return basic economy flights come in below $250! They can be found at the following links below:

San Francisco’s mild summer temperatures can provide a welcome relief from the Georgian summer’s intense heat and humidity. With a fascinating cityscape and history, there truly is something for everyone in ‘The City By The Bay!’