Single Use Plastics To Be Banned At Atlanta International Airport

Atlanta International Airport is all set to ban (or rather not provide) single-use plastics, following in the footsteps of San Fransisco and Dubai.

Atlanta Airport is one of the world’s biggest. Photo: formulanone via Flickr

What are the details?

Recently, the Atlanta City Council passed new legislation that forbids the city from using single-use plastic throughout its services or businesses. As the airport is run in part with the city council, this now means that Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is plastic-free.

Essentially, this means that passengers traveling to and from the airport (and through it) will not be able to buy single-use plastics such as plastic bags, polystyrene, and plastic straws. This likely does not mean anyone will be dressed down for having single-use plastic on their person, but only that you won’t be able to get it in Atlanta.

Councilmember Amir Farokhi stated to Airport Technology,

“This bill is as much about us catching up to consumer expectations as it is about leading. I’m proud of this bill and today’s vote, but there is more to do before we can stake a claim to being ahead of the curve on sustainability. I think there is a shared understanding of this fact. So, I hope that this bill is a first step and not the last word. Sustainability and climate change are defining challenges of our time. Inaction is unacceptable.”

Some airlines, like Hi Fly, operate their aircraft plastic-free. Photo: Simple Flying

Who opposed the bill?

However, not everyone is happy with this idea.

According to WSB-TV, concerns have been raised as to what exactly will replace plastic single-use items. It will cost companies more to find and source non-plastic alternatives to their current petrochemical items.

Paper ones disintegrate. I think we’ve tried bamboo ones. They also don’t do a very good job,” One passenger interviewed said. “You end up eating some paper, so I’m not sure what they would provide as an alternative. ​​​​​​I’m curious about how people will eat at the airport if there is no silverware. Obviously, there’s a way around straws, but everyone is hungry at the airport when they land,”

bottled water
Fellow US airport San Francisco Airport has installed close to 100 water bottle filling stations. Photo: Pixabay

The ban will not go into effect until December 2020, almost a year away. The bill is also yet to be signed into law by the Atlanta Mayor.

This move by the airport is just yet another domino in the environment-cause cascade by the aviation industry to become more environmentally conscious and reduce their impact on the world. Atlanta’ Hartsfield-Jackson Airport will be joining fellow airports that have banned single-use plastic such as San Fransisco, Dubai, and New Delhi, who have all banned these items in the last year.

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