The Faroe Islands Get A Direct Flight To New York

Every year, airlines add new routes to new destinations. Some new routes are service resumptions after an extended gap. Meanwhile, others are long-held dreams finally coming true. Starting this fall, Atlantic Airways will soon realize their dream of flying to the iconic American gateway: New York City

The Faroe Islands Get A Direct Flight To New York
The Faroe Islands will soon get a link to New York City. Photo: Atlantic Airways

Atlantic Airways

Atlantic Airways is a small carrier with big goals. They currently operate one A320 and two A319s in addition to some helicopters. Atlantic Airways expects to take delivery of two A320neos in 2019 and start flying them from July. 2019 will be a big year for the carrier as they inaugurate new flights to Paris from their hub in the Faroe Islands.

The Faroe Islands are a small collection of islands between Iceland and the United Kingdom. They are not a major tourist destination in comparison to the likes of Spain or Australia, however, the islands are still worth a visit.

For many Europeans, it is a quick hop or two to arrive on the beautiful landscape. However, if you’re an American, this is where it becomes a little difficult to visit. Most likely, you’ll have to arrive at a European city like Copenhagen, Edinburgh, or Barcelona. Even then, Atlantic Airways doesn’t have any major partners with whom it would be easy for connections. Atlantic Airways, and undoubtedly the tourism industry on the Faroe Islands, would likely appreciate having a greater number of North American tourists.

The Faroe Islands Get A Direct Flight To New York
Atlantic Airways is the official airline of the Faroe Islands. Photo: Atlantic Airways

Flying to New York

Atlantic Airways will use their A320neo aircraft to fly from the Faroe Islands to New York. The aircraft has more than enough range and should make for a short transatlantic hop. Atlantic Airways does not offer a business class cabin. If you choose to fly with them, you’ll fly in a 3-3 configuration in economy class. Even then, it shouldn’t be a terribly uncomfortable flight since it is relatively short.

The Faroe Islands Get A Direct Flight To New York
Atlantic Airways will likely fly narrowbody A320neo aircraft to New York. Photo: Atlantic Airways

As far as transatlantic flights go, this route is a little longer than WOW Air’s flight to Reykjavik but shorter than the New York to Paris or London. At just over 3,000 mi, this will be one of the longer routes operated by an A320neo aircraft.

The Faroe Islands Get A Direct Flight To New York
The route between New York City to Faroe Islands. Photo: GCMap

How will tourists impact the Faroe Islands?

While some may benefit from the additional volume of tourists, mass tourism could definitely take a hit on the environment. The Faroe Islands is beautiful and sees multiple seasons. With beautiful mountains and serene cities, there is always the risk of tourists trampling over the environment without respect.

Basic infrastructure requirements for hotels definitely take a toll. With more tourists flying in, more hotels will undoubtedly get built. Those hotels will have to add new sewer and water lines, draw more electricity, and, perhaps, go through more food and plastic than the islands do now. Some chains may choose to operate lower-cost hotels in addition to upscale resorts.

The Faroe Islands is a beautiful place to visit. Photo: Vincent van Zeijst/Wikimedia

On the other hand, an A320neo is not going to draw a lot of passengers. Furthermore, it’s hard to see this flight operating in the Northern Winter season since it isn’t terribly warm in the Faroe Islands. Adding a new A320neo flight, which likely wouldn’t operate on a daily basis, would increase tourism a bit, but probably not to the levels of serious environmental impact. However, a little environmental consciousness can go a long way.


It will be interesting to see how Atlantic Airways will run this flight. Atlantic Airways is taking a bit of a gamble with this flight.

The Faroe Islands Get A Direct Flight To New York
Atlantic Airways is engaging in expansion, but will it pay off? Photo: Atlantic Airways

Flying a single-aisle plane across the Atlantic isn’t a new idea. The 757, 737, and A320 have been doing it for some time now. Atlantic Airways is just joining the game. Few details have been released, but we’ll keep an eye out and see what becomes of this plan.

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