3 of 4 Atlas Air Boeing 747 Engines Strike Ground Landing In Shanghai

**Update: 10/08/20 @ 08:00 UTC – Statement from Atlas Air received and included below.**

This week, a Boeing 747-400 belonging to Atlas Air suffered engine strikes upon landing at Shanghai’s Pudong airport. The incident occurred on August 5th and saw three of the 747’s engines strike the runway.

Details of Atlas Air’s engine strike

According to the Aviation Herald, the Atlas Air Boeing 747-400 was flying on behalf of DHL, with registration N408MC. This aircraft was performing flight 5Y-8939, which originated in Seoul-Incheon (South Korea) and destined for Shanghai Pudong (China). Aboard the aircraft were two crew.

At 02:05 local time, the 747 landed on Pudong Airport’s runway 17R. Upon landing, the aircraft suffered engine pod strikes on the #1, #2 and #4 engines (outboard left, inboard left, outboard right). The aircraft rolled out without further incident.

Up until the engine strike upon landing, the aircraft had experienced a smooth and routine journey from Seoul Incheon. Photo: FlightRadar24.com

Meteorological data published by the Aviation Herald suggests that at the time of landing, the aircraft was experiencing some significant wind gusts – as much as 20 meters per second. This was likely a significant factor that caused the aircraft to perform such a rough landing.

Details and status of the Boeing 747

According to Airfleets.net, the aircraft registered N408MC is a 21.7-year-old Boeing 747-400. This freighter-variant has been with Atlas Air since rolling off the Boeing factory floor in 1998.

Between 2001 and 2013, it appears that the aircraft was leased to Emirates and had full Emirates livery for that period as well. The cargo wing of the Emirates Group goes by the name Emirates SkyCargo and is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

At the time of publishing this article, the aircraft appears to still be on the ground at Shanghai Pudong – two days after the incident occurred.

There would have to be a significant tilting of the aircraft for one of its inboard engines to hit the ground. Photo: Getty Images

Before this incident, the aircraft had flown in and out of its home in Anchorage to destinations such as Chicago, Wuxi (China), Seoul-Incheon, and Shanghai – all within the past week.

Atlas Air responded to our inquiry saying:

An Atlas Air 747-400 freighter landed safely in Shanghai on Tuesday, August 4th.  Due to adverse weather conditions, the engine nacelles suffered light damage upon landing.  The aircraft taxied to its parking position, and will undergo full inspection.  

About Atlas Air

Atlas Air is an American charter airline that offers services ranging from precious cargo shipping to the transportation of heavy equipment. Interestingly, the airline also provides passenger services, “arranging large-group passenger charters for celebrities or dignitaries.”

Launching passenger operations in 2010, Atlas Air offers these services using its 747 and 767 passenger fleet. “We offer high-capacity seating to more spacious and refined VIP configurations,” the airline says.

The company operates an all-Boeing fleet of 747s, 777s, 767s, and 737s, offering “flexible, creative, and award-winning solutions that meet your unique needs—quickly, safely, and reliably.”

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