AtlasGlobal Suspends Operations Again

Turkish carrier, AtlasGlobal, has announced that it will suspend operations again. This comes after the carrier suspended operations in late 2019 due to financial difficulties. Until February 9, 2020, AtlasGlobal will not operate any scheduled flights.

AtlasGlobal suspends flight operations again. Photo: Anna Zvereva via Flickr

AtlasGlobal to suspend operations again

The Turkish carrier will not operate any flights until February 9th, 2020. It is unclear exactly what has led to this second suspension of flights.


At the end of 2019, it appeared that AtlasGlobal had saved itself from collapse. The airline announced in November that it would suspend flight operations due to financial difficulties. Then, the airline appeared to recover and announced that it would resume flights. This kept the carrier flying into 2020. However, in early January, the carrier again announced a suspension of routes to London, Amsterdam, and Paris. 

What is happening with AtlasGlobal?

Aviation in Turkey is dominated by Turkish Airlines. The flag carrier offers an impressive route network that caters to both local passengers and international connecting passengers. And, the airline has plenty of room to grow thanks to a new Istanbul Airport and restrictions on competitor operations in Istanbul.

These factors make it incredibly difficult for another carrier to enter the market and grow. For a while, AtlasGlobal appeared to hold its own in Turkey. However, the Istanbul-based carrier continues to face challenges.

AtlasGlobal previously appeared to hold its own in Istanbul, however, it doesn’t appear that way anymore. Photo: Lars Steffens via Flickr

With the resumption of flights, AtlasGlobal appeared to restructure some business plans. This saw the carrier announce it would move more towards charter operations. Charter flights can be a way for an airline to stay afloat as it comes with a bit more regularity and less volatility. Although, focusing on charter operations comes with no guarantee that the airline will be able to maintain financial stability.

What has impacted AtlasGlobal?

Turkey has seen a few big events in recent years that have impacted air carriers. First, there were safety concerns in Turkey due to a coup attempt in 2016. These were exacerbated after some high profile terrorist incidents including several bombings and shootings.

After that, some economic strains, including fluctuations in the Turkish Lira, started to take a toll on airlines. While the large and well-known Turkish Airlines was able to survive this, smaller AtlasGlobal appears to have suffered a little more.

Turkey has been mired by a number of events in the past few years that have negatively impacted air travel. Photo: Alec Wilson via Flickr


It is unclear exactly what AtlasGlobal hopes to achieve in the midst of this flight suspension. It could be that the carrier is seeking additional funds to maintain operations. Or else, the carrier could be preparing to launch with a new business plan. For now, however, it is a wait-and-watch situation with AtlasGlobal. Hopefully, however, the carrier can come back in full force.

Have you been affected by this latest flight suspension from AtlasGlobal? Let us know in the comments!


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Emine ali

Would you believe I’ve lost two sets of paid for bookings. One in November and one in January. Now I’m trying to get my credit card to refund me!!


A bit naive to book a flight with this airline in January as it was clear in November that they are heading for bankruptcy.


It’s base is the new Istanbul Airport. Unfortunately they seem to have really misdesigned the airport big time. Much more expensive to operate out of, and a lot of people with Istanbul as a place of departure or destination prefer Sabiha airport. It’s smaller, and has better ground transportation for many passengers.
This AtlasGlobal news comes days after this news article on Simple Flying: “Turkey Will Stop Growth At Sabiha Gökçen To Promote Istanbul New Airport” (Reportedly Turkish airlines can continue growing there, othe carriers can’t)

chloe Vhitehead

I booked 6 flights with Atlas Global back in October. 4 have been cancelled to date, the remaining 2 are still showing as operating for May 2020. Luckily I booked through an agent who have been fantastic. They immediately refunded the cost of the flight and also paid compensation for the extra costs incurred on purchasing replacement flights at the last minute. Sometimes it is better to use a reputable agent for booking it seems.


Atlas: Can I copy you homework?
AirBerlin: Sure just change it up a bit so it dose not look obvies.
Atlas: Ofcours!

Airberlin Livery vs Atlas

Vanessa Ascott

Yes we have been affected we were told by our agent that they had gone bankrupt and our flight on the 26th of March to Ercan were cancelled and return flight back in July cancelled
Absolutely disgusted with Cheapoair .Ive rang several times and put on hold for hrs for reassurance that I would be covered if that went down if I wasn’t I would like a refund now they kept repeating yes ma’am your covered we will sort it but when it all happened they didn’t want to know!


So do they plan on refunding us at all or what? My agency told me they were going to refund January 20th but nothing happened !! This is really bad!

William McFlannel

It’s a great pity – I really liked flying with AtlasGlobal on their London Stansted to IST route, and hope they can get over their problems.