ATR Reflects On A Successful Dubai Airshow

Franco-Italian aircraft manufacturer ATR has been talking about its recent success at the Dubai Airshow and the launch of the new Pratt & Whitney PW127XT engine. As the world’s number one regional aircraft manufacturer, ATR says it has once again set the pace with regional aviation.

Binter Canarias ATR
ATR has received 29 plane orders so far in 2021. Photo: ATR

While at the recent Dubai Airshow, ATR said that Air Corsica, the launch customer for the new PW127XT engine, will benefit from a 3% reduction in fuel burn and a 20% reduction in maintenance costs thanks to the engines new innovations.

The future points to more sustainable regional mobility

When speaking in an ATR company statement released on November 18, 2021, about this year’s Dubai Airshow, ATR Senior-Vice President Commercial Fabrice Vautier said:

“This year’s show has been very much focused on the future of aviation, with sustainability as a goal. Turboprops are already an essential tool to reach the industry’s net-zero carbon emissions target whilst bringing further opportunities to connect people and businesses. I am pleased to witness concrete signs of recovery from the market with our order announcements and the conversations we have had during the show. The future trends lead towards more sustainable regional mobility, and the ATR family of aircraft is perfectly placed to serve this demand, today and tomorrow.”

ATR Air Corsica Dubai Air Show
Air Corsica is the launch customer for the new PW127XT engine. Photo: ATR

ATR is looking forward to solid growth

ATR says it is ideally suited and able to adapt to the changing regional aviation market and is looking towards solid growth due to:

  • New trends that will emerge following the pandemic, such as homeworking and an increase in e-commerce driving up demand for regional planes
  • Further opportunities will be brought about as carriers look to replace older 30 to 50 seat turboprops
  • Isolated communities that live near challenging airfields are increasingly asking for affordable air travel and commercial development
  • Worldwide passengers are looking for more point-to-point flights
  • All of society is calling for aviation to be environmentally sustainable
  • ATR planes are more sustainable than other aircraft and offer the lowest operating costs for airlines

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ATR has received 29 orders for new planes in 2021

The aircraft manufactured by ATR is the most sustainable and optimum choice for airlines, and the 29 orders for aircraft ATR has received this year is proof that its planes are in demand. Taking a look at the order book, we can see that ATR has received orders from the following airlines so far in 2021:

  • Greece’s Sky Express Airline has placed an order for six ATR 72-600s
  • Romania’s TAROM has placed an order for three ATR 72-600s
  • Spain’s Binter Canaries has placed an order for four ATR 72-600s
  • France’s Air Corsica, the launch customer for the PW127XT engine, has placed an order for five ATR 72-600s
  • An undisclosed airline has placed an order for five ATR 72-600s
  • Gabonese airline Afrijet has placed an order for three ATR 72-600s
  • Japan Air Commuter has placed an order for one ATR 42-600
  • An undisclosed airline has placed an order for two ATR 42-600s
Turboprop ATR Getty
ATR believes it is well-poised for growth. Photo: Getty Images

ATR says that in addition to the 16 planes it has already delivered this year, it expects to triple the number of deliveries it made during 2020. The company says that it has held a 75% stake in the turboprop market and a 36% share of the overall regional aircraft market during the last ten years.

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