MonoCoque Diversified Buys 3 Austrian Airlines Boeing 767s


Austrian Airlines announced today that it had found a buyer for all three of its oldest Boeing 767s. Their new owner is an American company called MonoCoque Diversified Interests (MDI). The first of the aircraft, the oldest widebody in the Lufthansa Group, is being prepped for its ferry flight which will take place at the beginning of March.

Austrian 767
Austrian’s oldest Boeing 767s have found a new owner. Photo: Vincenzo Pace |

Gratifying step for fleet transition

For many retired commercial widebody aircraft, the future is looking grim. Potentially, some may be picked up for cargo conversions. Others may end their days in a spectacular blaze of glory as a one-of-a-kind movie prop. However, with long-haul demand predicted to remain stunted for years to come, when most of them touch down on a runway somewhere close to a desert boneyard, they will never fly again.

But it’s not so for three of Austrian Airlines’ Boeing 767s. On Friday, February 26th, the carrier announced that it had found a buyer for its long-serving jets. An American company called MonoCoque Diversified Interests has agreed to purchase all three 767-300ER scheduled for retirement. 

“Being able to sell all three Boeing 767s to one buyer is very gratifying and a big step for our fleet transition”, Austrian Airlines CEO Alexis von Hoensbroech said. “I would like to thank MonoCoque Diversified Interests for the good negotiations and our team for their great commitment.”

Austrian Airlines 767
The first ferry flight will take place in March and the second in May. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

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Sum remains undisclosed

While the purchase agreement has already been signed, the parties have agreed not to disclose the sum. The first aircraft, OE-LAT, is already being prepped for transfer. The plane is 29 and half years old, and up until now, it was the oldest widebody in the Lufthansa Group’s fleet.


Its ferry flight from Vienna to Pinal Airpark, Arizona, will take place at the beginning of March. A flight to Pinal Airpark may sound ominous, but it seems as if MonoCoque has further plans for its acquisition rather than only making use of its parts.

“MDI is excited to continue the growth of its passenger and cargo aviation portfolio with the addition of three 767-300ERs”, MDI’s manager Mary Alice Keyes said in a statement. “It has been a pleasure to work with Austrian Airlines, a group with a long history and outstanding pedigree.”


Simple Flying reached out to MDI for further details on its plans for the jets but was yet to receive a response at the time of publication.

Austrian Airlines will have nine long-haul jets remaining in its fleet; six Boeing 777s and three 767s. Photo: Getty Images

Nine widebody aircraft remaining

A total of 28 aircraft will leave the fleet of the Austrian flag-carrier by the start of 2022. It will keep its three younger Boeing 767s, as well as six 777s. The former has an average age of 21 years and the latter of 20. In addition to the 767s, the airline is saying goodbye to 18 Dash 8 turboprops and seven Airbus A319 jets. Ten of the Dash 8s have already left Vienna. This will leave the Lufthansa subsidiary with around 60 aircraft as it recalibrates for a post-crisis reality.