Austrian Airlines Reveals Details Of New Buy On Board Menu

Austrian Airlines has released details of its new buy on board menu, due to launch next Thursday. The Lufthansa Group carrier is partnering with renowned aviation caterer DO & CO to offer its ‘Henry for Austrian’ fresh food selection onboard flights.

Austrian Airlines, buy onboard, catering
On Thursday Austrian Airlines will launch its new catering offering on flights under three hours in duration. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

Many airlines paused their catering offerings during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, the Lufthansa Group was no exception. While the pandemic brought many negatives for the industry, it was also the perfect opportunity for airlines to re-evaluate the catering offering provided.

Now that catering is starting to return, with airlines showing off their new offerings. Earlier this year, we saw British Airways launch the Speedbird Café in partnership with chef Tom Kerridge.

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What’s cooking in the Austrian kitchen?

On Thursday, Austrian airlines will be launching its new catering proposition on European flights up to three hours in duration. Called “Austrian Melangerie,” The menu will see passengers able to purchase food on-demand onboard the aircraft.

According to Austrian airlines, it focuses on quality, regionality, and selection with the new menu. As such, passengers should expect to find such items as apple strudel, chicken schnitzel, chive bread, and Brettljause (essentially a meat and cheese board). The airline has partnered with catering giants DO & CO, with the fresh dishes forming part of the ‘Henry for Austrian’ brand to offer the selection.

Austrian Airlines, buy onboard, catering
Austrian Airlines highlights its Schnitzel with potatoes, costing a reasonable €12. Photo: Austrian Airlines

Not all flight will get the same

However, not every flight will be catered for equally. On flights shorter than 50 minutes, small snacks that are sweet or salty will be available for purchase. These could include organic almonds. Between 50 and 85 minutes, passengers get the choice of apple strudel, a roll or cake.

It is only on flights of 85 minutes or more that serious catering starts to get involved. This includes the chicken schnitzel mentioned earlier that comes with parsley potatoes. According to Austrian airlines, snacks will begin at €2. Drinks will cost a minimum of €3. Meanwhile, the main courses will start from €9, with the schnitzel clocking in at €12, a reasonable price.

Like British Airways, every passenger will get a free bottle of water. Austrian Airlines is also giving each passenger a small chocolate treat. However, business class passengers will continue to receive the previous free catering offering.

Austrian Airlines, buy onboard, catering
Passengers on flights between 50-85 minutes in length will be able to buy snacks. Photo: Austrian Airlines

Earlier this year, Lufthansa Group rival British Airways changed its catering offering. However, rather than offering by on-board like the Lufthansa Group, British Airways requires passengers to pre-order food before their flight. This allows the airline to cut down on weight and waste by only loading what they know will be bought. However, it also reduces the passengers’ spontaneity.

What do you make of Austrian airlines is new catering menu? Let us know what you think and why in the comments.