Avatar Airlines Believes There Is A Future For The Jumbo Jet

The United States-based carrier Avatar Airlines still sees huge value in the jumbo jet. Despite many airlines retiring the aircraft, the ultra-low fare airline start-up is relying on the Boeing 747 to serve its future flights.

Avatar Airlines 747
Avatar Airlines is putting its faith in the Boeing 747 as it continues to strategize its operations. Photo: Avatar Airlines

What’s the plan?

CH-Aviation reports that on November 19, the firm filed its latest application with the United States Department of Transportation (DOT). It seeks a certificate of public convenience and necessity in order to establish itself as a scheduled air carrier. This follows a series of failed attempts at approval this decade.

The company is also seeking an investment of $300 million to help fund the acquisition of the B747-400s. Additionally, the airline hopes to have thirty B747-8s within its fleet via an initial public offering (IPO).


The airline’s initial routes are planned to be between Los Angeles International, Las Vegas McCarran, New York JFK, and Miami International. These would be served by the carrier’s first two 747-400s.


Furthermore, the airline expects to serve at least five million passengers within its first year of operating. Thereafter, its fleet would have grown to 14 planes. These airliners would serve an extended network to Phoenix Sky Harbor, Orlando International, Chicago O’Hare, Philadelphia International, Tampa International, San Francisco, and Dallas/Fort Worth.

KLM, Boeing 747, Chicago
While Avatar is trusting in the 747 for its future services, many other airlines such as KLM are phasing out the aircraft type. Photo: KLM

Unique approach

Despite its ultra-low-cost model, Avatar plans to use the Queen of the Sky as its choice of aircraft. This iconic four-engine jet is not the first aircraft that one would associate with an ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC).


Moreover, Avatar has made some bold claims when it comes to its service. For a minimum price, passengers are set to be getting features that many full-service carriers are starting to charge for.

“Imagine: an airline with no bag fees (up to 2 free), no seat selection fee, “Free” Wi-Fi and everyday fares as low as $19,” Avatar says on its website.

“As an ultra-low fare airline, once certified Avatar expects to shake up the entire airline industry by offering fares of 50% or lower than current airlines.”

Rolls Royce, Qantas, Boeing 747
Qantas is another airline that is in the process of fully retiring the Boeing 747. Photo: Rolls Royce

Future prospects

An Avatar spokesperson informed Simple Flying that they are already in talks about the order for 30 B747-8 jets. In addition, the airline feels that these planes will work out best for the long-term on its services.

“Our future lies with the 747-8 and we are currently talking with Boeing regarding an opening order of 30 of these aircraft to be delivered in a passenger configuration,” the spokesperson told Simple Flying.

Avatar will be eager to hear about the outcome of its application. It has been trying to get off the ground for several years now and with its bold business plan, it will be raring to go.

What do you think about Avatar Airlines’ ambitious plans for the Boeing 747? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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The planes are affordable now so that’s a way for them to start with a unique product.

High Mile Club

Honestly, it sounds like a plan that would work if they used a smaller aircraft. Even of they used dirt cheap fares like Spirit does, they’d be hard pressed to fill those jumbos.


This joke of a startup has how many lives now? Its right up there with Baltia as running joke in the industry.


I thought they were going with used 747s but looks like they actually plan to order 747 -8s. Wow.


I will believe it when I see it (and so will Boeing!) – reminds me of Amedeo and its order of 20 A380s which never happened.

The RR picture is a hoot as its their 747 Engine Test bed.

This is utterly pie in the sky. In 2017 they were turned down by the DoT largely because the CEO is a convicted felon who spent 21 months in prison because of securities fraud. It was highlighted in today’s Washington Post. Never mind the endlessly over optimistic financial details, there is a simple fact here. They are offering ticket prices that are not even capable of covering the cost of a flight of more than 4 hours. Even with their carpet advertising proposal bringing in $250,000 per aircraft per month it will still not cover even the gap between the… Read more »


Why not 777x??


The 777x is not flying yet. It still needs to be certified. If I were the CEO of a new airline, I’d invest in planes that are already flying, not in a plane that *might* be ready next year.

James Waters

One photo of a 747 in the article shows a testbed on no. 2 engine for the new larger GE next gen engine. ‘Hmm’, I thought, a 747 with a 2-engine configuration? Ya never know.


That photo was reference another story: wanted retiring its 747s…one of which ended up with GE as a test bed as recent as last month.


Will NEVER happen……. Running joke