First Boeing 737 Spotted In US Start Up Avelo Airlines Livery

Avelo Airlines’ first Boeing 737-800 has been spotted at Indianapolis International Airport. The aircraft is sporting its new white and blue livery with the airlines’ three-color wishbone logo painted on the tail and wingtips.

737 Silhouette
An Avelo Airlines Boeing 737 (not pictured) has been spotted at IND. Photo: Getty Images

Last month, Simple Flying wrote about the airlines’ owner Andrew Levy filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to patent his new Houston Air Holdings airline AVELO AIRLINES. The former Allegiant Air President and later United Airlines CFO is looking to create a low-cost airline similar to Allegiant Air.

Avelo Airlines has enough capital

While we still know very little about Avelo Airlines business plan, we do know that even in these tough times for the industry, Andrew Levy managed to raise $125 million for his start-up airline.

He said, according to the aviation enthusiast website AirlineGeeks the following:

“We’re going to grow at a measured pace. We’re going to build the company a little bit like Allegiant, slowly and steadily. With this, we have far more capital than we think we’ll ever need.”

Avelo Airlines
The aircraft with its new livery. Photo: planespottingcvg via Instagram

The new start-up intends to begin service with a pair of 189 seat Boeing 737-800s leased from General Electric’s aircraft lessor GECAS. Using the aircraft in a single cabin configuration Avelo Airlines plans to serve secondary leisure markets with point-to-point routes. In a fashion similar to Ireland’s Ryanair, customers can expect a no-frills airline that offers very competitive fares. In a nutshell, passengers can expect Avelo Airlines to offer.

  • Regularly scheduled flights in the United States
  • Extremely low fares
  • To be highly reliable
  • Operate flights using 189 seats Boeing 737-800s
  • The airline would serve American cities that are currently underserved with point-to point-flights

According to, Avelo’s first plane spotted in the airlines’ new livery at Indianapolis Airport is a 15 year old Boeing 737-800 that was first delivered to Turkish Airlines in 2006.

Registered N803XT, the aircraft’s paint job is not the most imaginative we have ever seen but could have been come up with for marketing reasons.

  • White is the most common airline color
  • Blue is intended to promote trust and reliability
  • All lower case lettering is supposed to make the airline seem approachable and friendly

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With the number of pilots, flight attendants, and ground staff losing their jobs due to COVID-19, the Houston, Texas-based airline should have no problem hiring staff. Given that the Boeing 737-800 is one of the most popular aircraft in the United States, many of them will also already be familiar with the plane.

While starting a new airline now may not seem to make sense, I feel as though it could, in fact, be a perfect time.

  • People are being vaccinated
  • Everyone has had enough of the lockdown
  • A glut of available aircraft
  • A ready pool of trained people
  • People can’t wait to go on vacation or visit with family and friends
Ryanair Boeing 737
Avelo Airlines can succeed if it operates like Ryanair. Photo: Getty Images

If Avelo Airlines can operate turnaround times like Ryanair and offer very low fares, they should be onto a winner and could expand quicker than you might think possible.

What do you think about Avelo Airlines and its livery? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments.