AviaDev Europe Is Going Online For 2020

AviaDev Europe has moved online for 2020 and will be bringing all the magic of this special route development conference to the industry in a socially distant way. Keeping the same focus on one to one meetings between airports and airlines, the event will also include an insightful conference element, which this year will be open to all.

Why take off into the wind?
AviaDev Europe has moved online. Photo: Unsplash

Online route development

With so much uncertainty in the aviation industry right now, many regular annual events have been stripped from our calendars. But for one European event, even COVID couldn’t stop it from going ahead.

Announced last week, AviaDev Europe, the region’s leading route development conference, has moved online. This year it will take place remotely, on September 16th and 17th, providing much-needed support for the aviation industry in these difficult times.

Juraj Toth, Managing Director of AviaDev Europe commented,

“We recognize that our aviation colleagues across Europe are keen to engage to discuss and develop new routes and services delivering a return to growth across the travel industry. We are confident that this inaugural online conference and meeting platform will deliver results for aviation industry delegates supporting the European route development community.”

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Last year’s conference was a superb platform for route development. Photo: AviaDev

Last year’s event in Valencia was a fantastic route development conference. Attended by over 200 airline, airport and tourism delegates, it provided a springboard for new projects and services to launch.

While this year’s format is going to be a little different, the organizers are working tirelessly to ensure the fundamental purpose of the event is not lost.

AviaDev Europe Is Going Online For 2020

What’s happening at the event?

Despite moving online, AviaDev Europe will stay true to form in as many ways as possible. Day one will feature a half-day conference, with an exciting line-up of speakers and panelists to get the show on the road. Watch this space for announcements of who will be making an appearance!

Following this, and in line with the usual AviaDev format, airlines, airports and tourism boards will be able to meet, albeit virtually, in a safe and confidential environment. This is where the real magic of this exciting conference takes place, as air transport providers and destinations get together to develop new plans and opportunities.

AviaDev route development
The one to one meetings will take place in a remote manner. Photo: AviaDev

AviaDev’s bespoke technology solution allows both entities to request and receive requests for meetings. Inspired by the intelligent filtration experienced in dating apps, the tool helps to matchmake between those parties most interested in collaboration, bringing together the partners who have the best chances of a successful meeting.

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Will you be there?

Although the one to one meetings will be restricted to decision-makers from airlines, airports and tourism boards, the conference session is open to all. AviaDev is keen to make the sessions beneficial to everyone in the aviation community and is extending a warm welcome to all interested parties.

Further details on speakers and timings will be released nearer the date, but in the meantime why not register your interest now at the event website.

AviaDev Europe Is Going Online For 2020