Avianca Simplifies Rebooking Disrupted Flights To Just 3 Clicks

Avianca is changing how its passengers can reschedule their flights if the airline cancels them for any reason. According to the airline, now travelers only need to make three clicks through Avianca’s website to change their itineraries. How will it work?

Avianca is improving its digitalization. Photo: Getty Images.

The digitalization process advances at Avianca

The COVID-19 pandemic has speed up the digital transformation at Avianca, said the carrier in a statement today.

Over a month ago, Simple Flying interviewed Avianca’s CEO, Anko van der Werff. He said that the adoption of new technology is key and that there is an unprecedented transformation in the airline industry. Avianca’s CEO told us,

“We understood that the flying experience would be different due to the pandemic. From the start of the crisis, we focused on redoing the whole client’s journey, and we accelerated the upgrades on digital tools to allow a safer, easier and secure flight experience.”

One of these tools is the rescheduling auto service program. Before the pandemic, if the airline canceled a flight for any reason, the passengers had to phone the call center or go to an Avianca office to reschedule. Now that has changed.

When Avianca cancels a flight, travelers can change their schedules through the My Avianca App. They can also do it through the e-mail Avianca sends to inform them about the flight’s cancelation.

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How does it work?

Any passenger will be able to reschedule their flight with only three clicks, the airline has promised. But, bear in mind that this only applies when the airline cancels the flight. If the traveler wants to reschedule or cancel their trip, he or she will have to go through the traditional process.

So, how will Avianca’s passengers reschedule their flights? These are the steps, according to the airline.

  1. Avianca will notify them of any changes in their itineraries via e-mail. Alternatively, the passengers can access their trips through Avianca’s app and website and check their status in the notification center.
  2. First click: check the original schedule
  3. Second click: choose the most suitable alternative for the passenger
  4. Third click: finish the rescheduling by clicking on ‘save and continue.’

These steps will reduce the lengthy rescheduling process from 50 minutes to just a few, said the carrier.

Avianca Getty
Last week, Avianca temporarily suspended 25 international routes. Photo: Getty Images.

Other digital initiatives by Avianca

Avianca, like many other airlines worldwide, is improving its digitalization. For instance, the South American carrier is promoting Vianca, a virtual assistant on Facebook’s Messenger and Whatsapp.

Additionally, the airline is renewing its mobile app, improving the self-service options, and launching more promotions, changes, and handy information.

Avianca is also promoting a new self-service baggage drop at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota.

“All these options allow the passengers to have a smoother experience, reduce queues and interactions with other people, promoting the safe distance,” said Anko van der Werff.

Unfortunately for the airline, the new self-service rescheduling app will be jam-packed in the next few days. Last week, the airline temporarily suspended 25 international routes due to the new COVID-19 travel restrictions in many countries.

Avianca closed 12 international routes from Bogotá, four from San Salvador, four from Quito, three from Guatemala, and one from Cali and Medellín.

What do you think of Avianca’s digitalization? Let us know in the comments.