Has The Aviation Industry’s Recovery Begun? These Figures Say Yes

The aviation industry is now well into the second month of its unprecedented crisis. However, figures seem to indicate that travel may be starting to recover. Data collected by the TSA and FlightRadar24.com show figures at their highest in over a month.

Lufthansa, Set Back, 65 Years
Figures from various sources seem to be showing early signs that the industry may be starting to recover. Photo: Gregor Schlaeger via Lufthansa

The aviation industry has been in crisis for quite some time now. This is as a result of the current pandemic that has swept across the world. However, as several European countries begin to relax their lockdown rules, the aviation industry may be showing the green shoots of recovery. Let’s take a look!

US passengers on the rise

Each day the TSA releases data on how many passengers it has handled. The information for the 7th of May appears to show that the number of passengers passing through a TSA checkpoint stood at 190,863. That’s a mere fraction of the 2,280,522 passengers recorded on the 1st of March this year.

Aviation Industry, Recovery, More Flights
Figures from the TSA show passengers at their highest level for a month and a half. Graph: Simple Flying | Data: TSA

However, it is relatively significant when we look at the past month or so. 190,863 is the highest number of passengers to pass through a TSA checkpoint since the 27th of March. At the lowest point, just 87,534 passengers passed through on the 14th of April.

British Airways coronavirus grounding bournemouth
Aircraft across the globe have been grounded as a result of the current crisis. Photo: Getty Images

Global commercial flights up

We’ve looked at data that shows that the number of passengers is up in the United States. However, how does this relate to the rest of the world? FlightRadar24.com has been keeping a tally of the number of commercial flights that have been tracked around the globe.

Aviation Industry, Recovery, More Flights
The number of commercial flights was also at its highest for over a month yesterday. Graph: Simple Flying | Data: FlightRadar24.com

Of course, like the data from the TSA, it shows that in the past two months, the number of commercial flights has taken a deep dive. However, this variable has also hit its highest figure for quite some time.

Yesterday 34,905 commercial flights were tracked by the service. This was the sixth consecutive daily increase. It also marked the highest figure since the 1st of April.

The number of flights has grown for each of the past six days. Photo: Getty Images

What’s next?

Of course, it’s impossible to say whether these trends will continue. However, it does look as though the industry is starting to show the green shoots of recovery. Hopefully, the figures will continue to increase going forwards. After all, today, we saw both Ryanair and Lufthansa announce that they would be introducing more flights shortly.

Only time will tell if the trends continue onwards and upwards. We will keep an eye on the figures, and keep you updated on significant changes.

Do you think these figures show the early signs that the industry is recovering? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!