Italian Aviointeriors Proposes Bold New Business Class Seat

Aircraft seat manufacturer Aviointeriors is presenting a new design for business class seating. The Italian company claims that its Skywave model adjusts how gravity puts pressure on the body.

Aviointerior Skywave
The Skywave seat will offer great comfort with its ability to mold with the passenger, according to Aviointeriors. Photo: Aviointeriors

Imaginative idea

Flyer Talk reports that this seat is being promoted as zero gravity. The unit is being designed to adapt to the passenger’s movement and body, distributing the passenger’s weight across the frame. Altogether, Aviointeriors states that this will give greater comfort for the customers in business class.

Avioninteriors’ CEO Paolo Drago spoke of his excitement for the quirky project. Furthermore, the executive is also seeking ways to redesign cabin storage, looking to switch overhead compartments to under the floor.

“For this kind of very zero gravity concept, we are testing the market,” Drago said as reported by Flyer Talk.

Other solutions

The look of the seat stands out against conventional business class offerings. The curvature of the thin modelling is a look that passengers may have to get used to. However, Aviointeriors are no strangers to proposing out-of-the-box design concepts. Previously, the brand announced its Skyrider project, which hoped to help airlines increase passenger numbers by 20%.

Aviointeriors Skyrider 2.0
The Skyrider is proposed for use in flights no longer than three hours due to its upward positioning. Photo: Aviointeriors

The build resembles a roller coaster seat and gave concern over an introduction of ‘standing seats’. However, Aviointeriors claims that the Skyrider ensures an increased upright passenger position while maintaining comfort. Subsequently, the firm will also be hoping Skywave’s lightweight modelling provides the ease of travel that business class usually provides.

Additionally, the designers have been working alongside Airbus on a sleek design of the A320neo family’s business class seating called Adagio. This product offers 100% aisle access and has a 100% fully flat configuration. Above all, it includes a massage system called ‘Relaxor’, along with a pneumatic lumbar support, which is made with memory foam.

Creative competition

Aviointeriors was founded in 1972 and has worked with various turboprop and jetliner companies on their interiors. Today, it hopes to reinvigorate the market with its unique concepts. However, the business faces tight competition from other aircraft interior manufacturers.

Aviointeriors Adagio
Aviointeriors will be hope that sleek designs such as the Adagio will reaffirm its holding in aircraft interiors while increasing airline revenue Photo: Aviointeriors

AirGo recently came up with a new premium seating design, which it claim is the world’s most space efficient. The innovative design could make lie flat business class travel much cheaper if approved.

Last month, British Airways combined with engineering and manufacturing companies to develop new lightweight aircraft seats. The £1.4 million, 18-month research partnership could finalize a solution that makes airline seats lighter and cheaper.

For now, we will have to wait to experience this new with of interior design. Ultimately, what do you think of these aircraft seating concepts?