Awesome Triple Points Promotion With Malaysian Airlines

Malaysian is offering an incredible promotion earning your triple miles on everything. The promotion offers triple Enrich miles, triple Elite miles, and triple Award miles. The promotion is so lucrative, that if you take 3 long haul flights in Business, you will earn enough miles for top-tier Platinum status (Oneworld Emerald). The only drawback of the promotion is that you will need to firm up your travel plans quickly and book your flights by October 15, 2018.

The Deal

  • You must book by October 15, 2018
  • Earn triple miles on flights through March 31, 2019
  • Promotion is only valid on Malaysian ticketed and operated flights
  • Earn triple Elite miles, triple Enrich miles, and triple sectors during the promotion
  • Promotion is only valid on certain ticket classes

One Flight = Enrich Gold Status

This promotion is super lucrative on all fronts. You are not only earning triple base miles but also triple class bonus miles. Booking a flight in First normally yields a 200% class bonus for a total accrual of 300% of miles flown. With this promotion, you are effectively accruing 900% of miles flown for a flight in First class.


To hit Enrich Gold or Enrich Platinum status with Malaysian, you need to accrue 50,000 or 100,000 Elite miles respectively.  One Business class flight from London to Kuala Lumpur would earn you Gold, while the same flight in First would earn you Platinum.

Lack Of Routes

The big problem with the promotion is the lack of routes. In recent years Malaysian has cut back a huge number of its long-haul routes. The airline flies one route to Europe to London Heathrow, and several routes to Australia and one to Auckland, New Zealand. The airline has completely abandoned its routes to the Middle East and the US.

Malaysia long haul options
Malaysia long-haul options

To take full advantage of the promotion by flying long-haul business, you will either have to originate in London, or Australia or New Zealand. However, if you book a flight with Malaysian from London to Auckland via Kuala Lumpur round trip in the cheapest Business class fare, you would end up with approximately 115,000 Enrich and Elite miles. This is enough for top-tier Enrich Platinum status with Malaysian.

Malaysian Airlines A350 First class
Malaysian Airlines A350 First class

Final Thoughts

If you are based in Asia, London, or Australia, and have travel plans that fit in the promotion period, you should be looking hard to take advantage of this promotion. You will have to work fast and book by October 15, 2018, however, the benefits more than outweigh the effort. Picking up a huge number of Award miles and Status miles is a no-brainer, promotions like this do not come around that often!