Azman Air’s New Airbus A340 Has Just 2 Business Class Seats

Nigeria’s Azman Air has taken delivery of its first Airbus A340 aircraft. The ex-Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340 was delivered to the airline yesterday having been repainted and refitted in Bournemouth.

Azman Air, Airbus A340, Business Class
Azman Air’s Airbus A340 has a peculiar business class cabin. Photo: Azman Air via Twitter

Azman Air is a domestic airline based out of Nigeria’s Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport (KAN). The airline, founded in 2010, currently operates a fleet of five Boeing 737 aircraft to 11 airports dotted around Nigeria. However, the airline has now added a sixth aircraft to its fleet having taken delivery of an Airbus A340, which used to belong to Virgin Atlantic. As you’ll see, the airline has installed a particularly interesting cabin.

Azman Air, Airbus A340, Business Class
The Airbus A340 was delivered to Azman Air yesterday. Photo: Azman Air via Twitter

An interesting cabin

Azman Air’s first Airbus A340 has a really strange seating arrangement. The majority of passengers will be sat in the aircraft’s economy cabin which seats 411 passengers in a 2-4-2 configuration. However, it isn’t the economy class on the aircraft which are a tad odd.

Azman Air, Airbus A340, Business Class
The main cabin contains eight abreast seating in a 2-4-2 configuration. Photo: Azman Air via Twitter

In fact, it is the business class. Nestled towards the front of the cabin in the middle of the aircraft is the business class cabin. This consists of two (not a typo) brown business class seats. These are not separated from the main cabin by any bulkhead. It’s unclear what exactly the benefit of booking the business class seats would be, considering the short domestic flights it will initially fly.

Azman Air, Airbus A340, Business Class
People trial the business class seats at the aircraft’s unveiling. Photo: Azman Air via Twitter

About the aircraft

The aircraft which Azman Air has taken delivery of is under 14 years old. With manufacturer serial number 765, the A340 was originally delivered to Virgin Atlantic in August 2006 according to The aircraft was returned from its lease to Doric Aviation in October 2019. It was flown to Bournemouth where it has remained since. Rather than being scrapped, as we have seen with a couple of aircraft recently, the aircraft was granted a new lease of life with its new Nigerian owner.

Azman Air, Airbus A340, Business Class
The Airbus A340 flew for Virgin Atlantic for 13 years. Photo: Azman Air via Twitter

While in Bournemouth, the aircraft was transferred from Doric to the European Aviation Group. Additionally, the aircraft was roughly repainted into the colors of Azman Air. Its interior was also refitted with the new 2 business, 411 economy seat layout.

Azman Air, Airbus A340, Business Class
The destinations served by Azman Air. Image: GCMap

It is unclear exactly what routes the Airbus A340 will operate. If you have any idea, let us know! Currently, the airline only flies domestically within Nigeria utilizing its fleet of five Boeing 737 aircraft. These fly to eleven destinations including:

  • Abuja;
  • Birnin Kebbi;
  • Gombe;
  • Kaduna;
  • Kano;
  • Lagos;
  • Maiduguri;
  • Port-Harcourt;
  • Owerri;
  • Asaba;
  • Benin.

The airline has the option of massively increasing its capacity on some domestic routes, or perhaps the Nigerian domestic carrier will look to branch out further afield. One thing is certain: If we wait and see, we will find out.

What do you think Azman Air will do with its new Airbus A340? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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Muyang Shen

Business Class passengers:😄🤔😳

Gerry S

Accommodation for the President and his wife?


The will use the aircraft for Hajj operations to Mecca and Medina after which plans are in the pipeline for Kano – Jeddah,Kano-Dubai routes.

Musa Bichi

They will put the A340 aircraft mainly to operates the international routes for Umra and Hajj. I believe they will not deploy this bigger equipment on the domestic routes bcos it’s not economical considering the size of the airplane.


For short haul routes, out of all the old aircrafts on the market, why A340? Are they cheaper than the oldest A330 out there? Even if fuel economy is less important for short haul, there’s twice the number of engines to maintain. And why so many seats!? 411 is a huge number of seats, more than some of the A380s! (399 and 379 of the Singapore and Korean A380, respectively)

Suleiman Abdulkadir

News from reliable sources the new Airbus A340-600 will begin on international flights starting with Saudi Arabia for Hajj & lesser Hajj.

Richard Lykker

Stunning! Can’t wait to try it!


Insha Allah the airline will continue with its Kano-jedda route which busier than Lagos-heathrow route


Hajj operations and probably some international routes like Dubai and Saudia

musa garba

A340 is an old aircraft,it’s a bad idea,azman should have aquired a bombadier,atr,q400 or any smaller air crafts to improve his domestic routes,if must go for a bigger aircraft he should have gone for a 777 or a350 or a 330 but a 340 is a 4 engine aircraft which is being phased out

Felix Musa

Well done Axman
But you guys have to add Yakubu Gowon Airport to your route


If you are saying the airline is based out of Kano in Nigeria, then I am guessing it is a plane that will probably end up ferrying Muslim Nigerians on their holy pilgrimage to Mecca. Kano is in the north of Nigeria, which is predominantly Muslim. Other airlines in the country do something similar, check it out. It is not uncommon for a journey to to Mecca to be sponsored, so having an all economy airplane would really play into the keeping within a budget aspect of a sponsorship. I can’t explain the two business class seats except maybe it’s… Read more »


There was on country in Africa that banned a low-cost carrier from a certain route because it only had economy and it was “beneth” government officials to have to fly economy. Perhaps this is a creative way to get round such a requirement?


I hear they want to use it for international flights to take pilgrims to Saudi Arabia

Hauwa Bukar

I suggest Azman management should use the new aircraft for International routes.

Flemming Stücker

This is aULD container a/c – wunder how they will manage bags and cargo?


Hahaha. Kano to Lagos at fantastic prices

Sani Ali Sulaiman

The Company will use the Aircraft for Umrah (lesser Hajj) and Hajj operations.
I was at the official launching of the Aircraft event, when I heard the Chairman of the Company narrating the idea to the Press.

Dr. Sheidi

Let it do Abuja – Dubai

Samuel Onwuchekwa

It should be deployed on lagos -Kano route.


I believe it will be used for Hajj operations.

Nkanu Nkanu Isong

When will u guys start flying Yola


They will used the new acquired Airbus A340 for Airlifting pilgrimage to Mecca or Jerusalam

Bello A. Malami (Magajin Rafin )

I think Azman shoulder some neighbouring west African countries Ghana, Niger and Senegal to mention a few.

Mike Afolabi

Initially, Azman may service the Kano – Abuja – Lagos -Abuja – Kano with this aircraft. But eventually, it will service the Kano – Dubai – Kano international route. That will be profitable for the Azman A340


What a Fuel gulper… amazing deal for a struggling local airline. The only economic sense here, perhaps, anticipation of a generous government contract/patronage for Hajj operations. Cheap monies from poor state governments who still sponsor thousands of indigent Muslim faithfuls to Hajj twice a year despite a pervading abject poverty in Northern States of Nigeria.

Roganathan Chetty

Haj also Abu Dhabi

Hassan Musa kure

Im very happy as i see this new Azman aero


They will use it for Maiduguri & Lagos route/s. Hmmm 🤔.

Sagir abdullahi

As Azman air got this airbus we are expected to operated international rout either daily or 3 times per week which gives a Nigerian and foreigners chance to make there business easy,And improve the rate of economy of the country,Hence Azman air was employed peoples by operating international its can employed more and more to reduce unemployment to the nation not only Nigeria including countries that Azman operates.


Hi, what reg did it have at Virgin Atlantic?


I think It was G-VYOU

Hassan M

As with other North, or Kano based airlines, the aircraft would be parked at Kano until Umrah or Hajj operations. What a colossal waste!