Azul’s New Way To Board Its Flights: A Moving “Carpet”

Azul’s innovative boarding process has caused a massive buzz online recently. The “moving carpet” projection helps to keep passengers socially distanced while eliminating the need for orders from other people. A video showing the procedure has gone viral, with millions of shares on social media platforms.

Azul Linhas Aereas
Azul first introduced the technology last May in Curitiba, the capital of the Brazilian state of Paraná. Photo: Getty Images.

Something different

This innovation was first introduced by the Brazilian carrier last spring. However, A View from the Wing highlights how its popularity has picked up in recent weeks. A video of the carpet has been viewed over four million times just on TikTok.

Azul has previously dubbed the system, the Tapete Azul (Blue Carpet). It uses augmented reality technology to promote social distancing between passengers. Meanwhile, it offers more convenience, agility, and comfort by making the boarding process faster and more organized.

Azul Aircraft
Last year, Azul shared that it hoped by the end of 2020 another 17 airports in Brazil will have the system in place. Photo: Azul

Speed and biosecurity benefits

Azul shares that with the carpet, travelers that are summoned for boarding are “four meters away from each other”. The technology consists of a set of projectors and monitors that indicate when is the right time to embark. The projectors form a colorful and mobile virtual carpet, which invites the passengers to get positioned in the queue according to their seat number.

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In a statement shared by Azul last year, Jason Ward, the airline’s VP of People and Customers, shared the following about this boarding procedure:

“The aircraft boarding process has rules and the need to identify Customers to ensure safety. This technology is helping us to do this with much more agility and security, especially in this period when people need to keep their distance from each other. This is because the system calls our Clients on an alternate basis to make the boarding, making the process more fluid for those who are traveling,”

Azul Airbus A330
Azul hopes to help eliminate the stress from boarding the aircraft with the introduction of this tech. Photo: Azul

New solutions needed amid the current climate

Altogether, it’s estimated that there is a decrease of approximately 25% in the time that a passenger takes between boarding and sitting inside the plane. This figure is a reduction that can be progressed throughout the development of the system.

Airlines and airports across the globe have turned to technology to help with concerns amid the global health crisis. Biometric and touchless systems are increasing in demand. However, it’s also great to see additional experiments in place to help maintain order.

Simple Flying reached out to Azul for further comment on its boarding process initiative. We will update the article with any additional announcements from the airline.

Overall, what are your thoughts about this boarding procedure introduced by Azul? Do you think that this is a good move by the carrier? Let us know what you think of the airline’s initiative in the comment section.